Where’s your cameras?

Like many on Saturday; well those who were not watching the march from Stornoway, livestreamed beautifully by ‘Gerry’ from Independence Live, were online watching the SNP conference carried live on social media platforms. What we did not see was the conference carried on any mainstream media channels. And no wonder, why would they want viewers in Scotland to bear witness to what is really going on in Scotland. What a party conference with a room full of delegates who believe in the party they have given their support to looks like.

The shameful absence of the mainstream media channels means they can spout their rubbish with no comeback, no one to say, that’s not true, that’s not what I saw. They did not see it; therefore, it did not happen. When those who spent the day watching the conference challenge the mainstream media on their expansion of the truth those who did not have the opportunity to watch and decide for themselves will believe everything that is put in front of them. Job done!

The underlying theme of the conference seemed to be that of independence, some politicians even suggesting that there would be a referendum next year. I welcome that, of course I do, that said, I just hope we are not too late. There is a long time between October this year when the United Kingdom is taken out of the European Union and the later part of 2020 when First Minister Nicola Sturgeon plans to call a referendum. I just hope the UK government don’t erode powers at Holyrood and leave it unworkable. I do not estimate the arrogance and underhandedness of this shower of morons. Remember, their gravy train in on course for a derailment; they will NOT let that happen.

To return to the mainstream media,they must make the public believe that there is no appetite in Scotland for another referendum, especially in the face of that new poll. And if what I witnessed yesterday via that magnificent livestream by independence live, there definitely is an appetite, more than an appetite. The people are crying out, more and more of those who were not quit convinced last time round are more than convinced this time. The mainstream media and their unionist friends are trying to tell us that equal amounts of those who voted yes last time are now no. I myself have never met anyone who has gone from yes to no, I am not saying that there aren’t any, I just have not come across anyone who has changed their mind about Scotland being an independent country.

The mainstream media were never with us, they take their orders from London. They will undoubtedly carry the Scottish Tory Conference etc. Because that is the narrative they have to get across to the public. We have what they don’t of course, leg work, enthusiasm and a determination to restore our country to what it once was, independent forward thinking, and international.

It’s time, the media knows it, the unionist know it but more importantly we know it. Westminster is finished, it finished the day David Cameron stepped out of number 10 and tried to put Scotland back in its box. That was never going to happen, the arrogance of Westminster politicians, especially the Scottish Tories knows no bounds. Their time is up, the ruling elite have governed Scotland for the last time. Time to let them go, bring our own PM’ home, the ones who have Scotland’s interests at heart and leave those who would see us destroyed to wallow in the cesspit that is Westminster.