If you weren’t fuming before, you most certainly will be now!

Last week saw the return of Ruth Davidson, taking up her position as resident sweetheart of the BBC. As soon as she arrived back on the scene after taking her maternity leave, it was all systems go from the media. The endless promotion of Ruthie and the manipulation of the public into thinking that she could be the next First Minister of Scotland. Yes folks, I shook my head in disbelief as well.

They are so sure though, that Ruth will be First Minister, so how are they going to do that? Stalin once said “The people who cast their votes don’t decide an election, the people who count the votes do” I would put nothing past this bunch of charlatans. For so long now, they have wanted to get their grubby hands on the Scottish Parliament. They are absolutely raging that the people of Scotland get nice things. Like free education, (it’s not free by the way, we just help our children reach their full potential, all of those who can do so). They don’t give two flying figs, if gran and grandpa are lying in their own urine; that’s money that could be going to other thinks, like helping to invade another country, for say, their oil or something like that. They would also like nothing more than see our Scottish National Health Service sold off to the USA. They don’t care if you can’t pay for your son or daughter’s insulin, or see your child get the best medical care, free at the point of use. They would like to keep the money that we have all worked hard for, that is taken from us through taxes. No, that money is not to be given back to the people. It is to be used for vanity projects such as trident, in order that Westminster can keep pretending it is a super power.

The mainstream media are in the death throes of the industry, an industry that has manipulated the public for decades. Run by unscrupulous men and women who would not know the truth if it jumped up and bit them on their rear end. It is tiresome, we are tired of it. They are a dying industry, and no wonder. More and more people are going elsewhere for their news consumption, and more and more people are researching for themselves.

Let them promote Davidson as the new messiah, we all know that she is no more than a puppet, who, like Mundell dance to the Tory tune for their masters in Westminster. Every time they dictate to the people of Scotland, every time they spout the Westminster Tory line, the people of Scotland see Westminster and the Tories for the imposters they have always been. The party of business who do not care if companies’ fail. They are the party of the psychotic elite, whose only mission is to take from the people and put in the hands of their masters. They are a danger to this country, hopefully they will disappear soon. Our job is to make sure the elder generation, the ones who are still tuned to the old ways of doing things, it is our job to point out, in a nice way of course, that the Tories will see them destroyed.

Ruth Davidson, the First Minister of Scotland, over my dead body!