The British State has mooched off Scotland for the last time!

I didn’t bother watching BBCQT from Elgin, I knew they would have planted Tories everywhere, this time however, they excelled themselves by trying to pass off ex-Tory politicians as ordinary punters; yes they really are dense. After the last disastrous visit to Scotland, they should have known people would have all their plants named and shamed. And of course, the audience selection looked to have been on overdrive. A whole section in the middle, all Conservative voters. I have no idea how John Swinney coped having the panellists and host against him.

It is time for the BBC to take that impartiality clause right out of their charter, they are no longer, and I doubt they ever were impartial. They are the STATE BROADCASTER, always have been, always will be. Giving a free reign to those who are for the union. Is it any wonder many in Scotland no longer give them their licence tax; all that money going on their big salaries and to make programmes specifically aimed at those, south of the border. They gave us a new wee channel but stuck it somewhere out of sight and filled it with absolute shite, repeats and programmes that did not reflect our lives at all. Their news programme cannot even attract a sizable number of viewers. And the ‘Debate Night’ which is okay, nothing spectacular, has been moved to another slot already. Perhaps if they had put ‘The Nine’ and ‘Debate Night’ on BBC One, they may have attracted more viewers. Instead we are stuck with the awful Reporting Scotland, which should be renamed, reporting everything that we are under orders to tell you is bad in Scotland, ordered from our masters London that we must adhere to. And debate night in place of Question Time, but that would mean the people in England funding this programme instead of it coming out of the Scottish budget, let’s face it, it goes all round England anyway.

The BBC are a joke, well not really, they are a danger to all those who must watch their blood pressure, because guaranteed, by the time they are finished with their propaganda nonsense, our blood pressure is usually sky high. That said, more and more viewers are seeing through the rubbish, the baloney, the manipulation, however there are a few who still think the sun shines out of the BBC’s arse, and what they report must be true because the BBC told them. My job, as I see it, is to show them an alternative, show them the real news; what is really going on.

When the time comes for our referendum, we are going to need everyone who blogs and  films, like Phantom Power, their ‘Journey to Yes’ series had been magnificent;  Barrhead boy, his podcasts are very good; Independence Live who have worked tirelessly to cover the meetings, marches and rallies; The Wee Ginger Dug; Grouse Beater;  Wings; , Scot Goes Pop and, The Last Jacobites’. All have valuable information.

When a referendum is called, project fear will be nothing compared to what the unionist media, politicians etc. will have in store. For this time they will stop at nothing. We will have a fight on our hands because the status quo does not exist anymore. The Better Together Campaign is in tatters, proven beyond all reasonable doubt that we are not and never will be better together. The British State need Scotland, we are their cash cow, they know we can and have always been able to stand on our own two feet. An abundance of resources that they have squandered, or resources that they have forbidden us to use. Now it is our turn to tell the British State, you cannot survive on your own, but you are going to have to find a way because you have mooched off Scotland for the last time!