Well it has been an interesting few days since the results of the European elections. And even more interesting to witness just how much the mainstream media can bury its head in the sand. They really do believe that if they do not acknowledge what has happened in Scotland, it does not exist; yes, that is how deluded they are. But fear not because they are in great company. For the rest for the unionist supporting parties are in the same class of delusion.

Last week the people of Scotland sent a great big message to both the unionist media and the unionist parties. WE WISH TO REMAIN IN THE EUROPEAN UNION AND WE MEANT IT! Ruth Davidson, of the Ruth Davidson Unionist Party demanded that the electorate send a great big message to the SNP. NO MORE REFERENDUM’S ON SCOTTISH INDEPENDENCE. Well the map of the Scottish mainland is a bright shade of yellow, with the islands, the orange of the Liberal Democrats, (although I cannot quite see what is democratic about a party who wish to stop the people of Scotland determine their own future). I digress, I shall leave the odious democrats for another day.

The people of Scotland have made themselves clear, twice now, and no amount of “Oh but look at the turnout, hardly anyone voted.” Is going to wash, that is just the unionist media and politicians pooping their pants at the sight of a highly aware population who know what is best for the country and are prepared to let everyone know.

In a tweet last week, I stated that people who are staunch labour supporters, who voted no in 2014 are sick at the way Scotland and indeed her people have been treated by the elitist psychopaths in Westminster; some, like myself remember what damage Thatcher did to this country. And are sickened by the evil these sick in the head politicians are doing to their fellow Scots. I am sickened by what they are doing to everyone they deem useless, as in 1930’s Germany, when the elderly, infirm, disabled, sick, and dying were sent to the death camps and that was even before these sick bastards started on the Jewish population. Of course, I am not for a minute saying that the psychotic elite will erect death camps. No, they shall just withdraw vital medicine, food, and shelter. Is it any wonder these lunatics have been found guilty of human rights abuses in a damming report!

Scotland is on a different path, our government treat people with dignity, give those in education who have the ability learn a way to do so that does not bankrupt them before they have even graduated. Our government see the potential in those who work in the public sector, that is why they are given more in their wage packet than their counterparts south of the border. The weans or bairns, whichever part of the country you are from, our little ones receive a beautiful baby box to welcome them to Scotland. If their parents so wish it. I know the unionist politicians try to make out that they are given one regardless but that is not true. Parents request one. The baby box, which I am lead to believe originated in Finland, has caused nothing but controversy from unionist politicians who tweet endlessly about the cost to the tax payer. I would rather my tax was used for something as beautiful as this than to pay expenses for over privileged morons such as them, or to help decorate the relics in the palace who are well past their sale by date. In addition to the baby box, our elderly and infirm are treated with dignity and respect, free personal care, okay, it is not free, tax payers pay, however tax payers, well those with a heart and knowledge to know that this could be their fate in their latter days are only too happy to help. And those who are not, well they should really go and have a word with themselves.

Scotland is doing all right, however it could do much, much better, if it did not have that milestone round its neck; that milestone called Westminster, who are only too ready to devour the carcass of Scotland when we are dragged out of the European Union. They have already put things in place, all they need do now is declare a state of emergency, close the Scottish Parliament and bring us all back under Tory rule where the finer things in life will be snatched from those who need them most. And where the rights of individuals will be openly abused, all for the sake of the elite in England, helped by  Scots, who are only too keen to oppress fellow Scots. These individuals are worse than their Tory peers, for these psychopaths know their country’s men, women and those who have their own identity have made it clear, Scotland voted to remain in the European Union, and reaffirmed their intention days ago. And for those who did not vote? They did not think it important enough to get off their backside and go and vote. Davidson made it clear, vote for her party in the European elections to send a great big message to Nicola Sturgeon; the message was sent all right; however, it was sent to Davidson, back the hell off, we know what we want, and we know who is going to help us get it.

Nicola Sturgeon has said something about holding a referendum in the second part of 2020, I personally believe that will be far too late, my only hope is that she is bluffing and will call an independence referendum as soon as it looks like Scotland is in peril. Let the psychotic unionist elite mock, they have no idea what is really going on in Scotland, and I for one want to keep it that way. Let us strike while the iron is hot, while they are in such disarray, both Labour and the Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats are a non-entity, they may have done well in the islands of Scotland, but the people have shown who we are standing with. Time for the Scottish National Party to grab that baton they have been handed and run with it. The people have their back, now they need to start the ball rolling so we, the people, deliver.