“One day soon this [Saltire] will replace the union flag on Edinburgh Castle and they will all see a march for Scotland saying to the world as Winnie once said, ‘stop the world, Scotland’s getting on’”

All Under One Banner brought the march south to Galashiels, gathering in Scott Park, and yes, well done folks, you left the park cleaner than you found it, as is the rule. We in the yes movement take our rubbish home with us, those on the opposing side seem to leave theirs standing on the side of the road. Even before the appointed start time signs that this could be a huge march were there for all to see as people gathered, their flags flying gently in the breeze. A cold day, but not cold in the hearts of those gathered. They left around one thirty, with the single AUOB flag and Saor Alba pipe band falling in behind, with Wendy out front streaming for the  multiple social media platforms on Independence live, which is OUR OWN MEDIA. With five cameras to choose from, nothing of the march was missed.

A slow walk around the borders town with dignified silence and the sounds of the pipes up front gave an air of emotion. The first time All Under One Banner had brought the march and rally south to Galashiels.

Emotional was what Sorensen Small tweeted: “It was a pretty mental experience walking around the town amongst so many fellow independence supporters. That was the first march and it was a wee bit emotional to do it in my home town.

“Just had an amazing time at my first independence march,” tweeted Tracey McLeod, and from Lyneside, “Galashiels had just been yessed!”

Sorensen, Tracey and Lynside were joined by many, from all walk of life, and bearing their chosen flags, one of which was the flag of New Zealand, with its union rag, as described by AUOB bearing reference to the fact that the yes movement is all-inclusive as once again, the flag of St George, blew gently carried by our English brothers and sisters, who have called Scotland their home and are actively helping all of us secure our countries freedom.

Those who could not make the march were there in spirit, or actively watching it on various devices in the comfort of home, not everyone watched on their computer, some like the grey haired lady, in her later years, watched from the window of her care home, a light shining from her eyes as a sea of people floated past, smiling and waving, and taking note of the two large saltire’s that adorned her window.

As tweeted by Yes Eildons: “One of our favourite photos of this weekend, going past the care home and seeing this beautiful lady waving back from the window.”

And summed up perfectly by Stewart Hosie, MP: “So, #AUOBGalashiels huge turnout, lots of #yesbikers and a tiny “counter protest” of perhaps a dozen, basically the appetite for Scottish independence is huge and support for this failed union is tiny.”

And this, from SNP MSP Christine Grahame, who addressed the crowd at the rally part of the march: “Fifty years ago, I know I’m looking young, I joined the campaign for independence; we were laughed at…they banged into us and made a full of us. WELL WHO IS LAUGHING NOW?” not the crowd gathered, for they cheered, “Twenty years ago, I became the MSP for this part of the borders, with my office in Galashiels; if someone had said to me that I’d see all you wonderful people march through MY TOWN showing what independence is about, it’s for the young, it’s for the old, it’s forward thinking, it’s forward looking, it’s happy. And it’s about getting our country back.” More cheers. “The Tories are in disarray, Labour is falling apart, Labour has kept Scotland from independence for decades. They have been the real problem for us but we must be gentle with the people who want to change, it’s hard to change old allegiances. I had to abandon Labour fifty years ago and that was hard. One at a time, persuade people and for every single one persuaded they will persuade someone else. The time is right, we have a majority in the Scottish Parliament for independence, we have a majority of MPs at Westminster. We top the polls in the European elections.” Yet more cheers. “The energy is with us, and I’ll tell you something, (holds tight to the saltire). See this flag; one day soon this will replace the union flag on Edinburgh Castle and they will see a march for Scotland saying to the world, as Winnie once said; ‘Stop the world, Scotland’s getting on’”

Christine received one of the loudest cheers of the day, a day in which there were no incidents reported, no police intervention, just happy smiling people, demonstrating their sovereign right, to set our country free.

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