How about we tell them to do one!

I don’t know about anyone else but I am sick of being dictated to by a bunch of drugged up public school boys and girls. In the last few days these public servants have tried to outdo one another in the “I did harder drugs than you, therefore I am much more able to make a complete cock up of running the ‘country’ than you.” Although to be fair, Theresa May’s only wayward act was to run through a field of wheat and she managed to cock up spectacularly. So maybe it doesn’t really matter if you are off your face on cocaine, or you smoked marijuana. You are just as capable of bringing the United Kingdom to its knees as anyone who didn’t do drugs.

Thank god we have the SNP in government up here, they may have their faults but at least they have not cocked spectacularly, yet. That could still come however, if they completely miss the deadline for launching the lifeboat and getting us off the stinking, sinking ship that is the UK.

The race is definitely on for the Tory leadership and it reads like a who’s who of complete none entities. Dull and boring. Johnson, who it is alleged provided the address of a journalist to a friend who wanted to send thug/thugs round to have them beaten up. And that snide little weasel Gove, who I am told would like to bring back hanging, well that would sort out most of his enemies. And then there is Leadsom, who was investigated for fiddling her expenses. And then there is Jeremy Hunt, well his name is enough to have people reaching for their Calms. A complete CUNT, no wonder Victoria Derbyshire mispronounced his name. And then we have Esther McVey, who oversaw policies that have led people on benefits to take their own lives, or be found fit for work, one while in a coma. The Department for Work and Pensions have blood on their hands. I would say they should be ashamed of themselves but they won’t. They will congratulate themselves on a job well done. That is how sick they are, and then we have Sajid Javid, trolled by the entire nation of Scotland after telling us that if he becomes Prime Minister he’ll not allow a second independence referendum.” Yes, that went down like a led balloon. And there are a couple more, like Rory the Tory, who I haven’t even bothered to research, yes that is how irrelevant he is.

What a choice, and of course Ruth Davidson, from the Ruth Davidson Party, representing all the Ruth Davidson fans, who might or might not reside within Pacific Quay. Nailing her colours to the mast, she’s supporting Javid, must be because he’s not going to allow another referendum on Scottish independence; and well, any time independence is mentioned Ruth seems to get triggered, maybe she would be better never to mention it again. That way she will remain calm, because when Ruth gets triggered, it seems to have an adverse effect on every unionist around her. God alone knows what she must be going through today, what with the First Minister, you know, the REAL First Minister, not the one that the mainstream media try to make you believe and who Ross Thomson believes might be installed as First Minister if Boris becomes Prime Minister. What are they going to do, sent the SNP into exile and bring the Scottish Parliament under direct Tory Rule. God what frightening thought that is, I really do frighten myself sometimes.

To get back to the point I was making before I scared everyone by the prospect of Boris, Ruth and Ross in cahoots with one another, Ruth must have been beside herself yesterday, when our First Minister took a wee trip over to see President of the European Union to remind him that there is a majority in Scotland who wish to remain in the European Union. And, well there was a big show of her being there, like, look at Scotland, if you think for one minute we are going to let them go, then you’ve got another thing coming, we’re just waiting for the SOVEIRGN PEOPLE OF SCOTLAND to exercise their right to vote for their own future and then we will plan to have them back with open arms.

The mere fact that our First Minister was so prominent yesterday, begs the question, is she setting the wheels in motion? She has stated the later part of 2020 for the referendum. Perhaps that is just the best-case scenario. Worse case, we have Boris in power, and a referendum imminent. Scotland has made it clear, we will not be dragged out of the EU against our will. It was reiterated recently in the European Elections. It is the unionists in their arrogance that will see the United Kingdom destroyed, gone are the days where the family of nations will dutifully climb back into their box and do whatever their larger neighbour tell them. Hell, even the north of England has had enough, Cornwall also, and now Wales.

The United Kingdom is no more, it has been broken into pieces and will not recover. People won’t be dictated to, not by the political elite, the media elite, the Monarchy. They are in danger of ruling over London and the surrounding area because that is all that shall be left. And to be quite honest, not before time.

Goodbye Westminster, time to stand on your own two feet.

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