…but we can still rise now and be a nation again…BBC censored them out of existence!

It came to my attention yesterday that good ole Aunty Beep had taken the decision to censor a line in the National Anthem of Scotland. People took to twitter with concerns of BBC censoring out words as our women’s team sang their heart out. Proud Scots representing their country blasting out the words of O flower of Scotland. And of course, as I am such a fan of good ole Aunty Beeb and all those overpaid employees, I had to go and investigate for myself. And there, sure enough as the team, along with the crowd got to the line ‘and we can still rise now and be a nation again’ I found myself singing loudly in my head because I could not hear it come over the speakers of my laptop. Yes, good ole Aunty Beeb had muted the words, censored them out of existence.


If they had chosen to do this to the National Anthem of any other country there would be outrage, could you imagine the fury if good ole Aunty Beeb had muted the words ‘send her victorious, happy and glorious…’ whatever the hell the next line is, I’ve no idea I hate the anthem. The mere fact that the people of Scotland allow this to continue is beyond me. Happy for the BBC to continue their censorship, happy for them to continue to talk down our country, and happy for the propaganda rubbish that is beamed into our homes on a daily basis by those high salaried presenters.

Is it any wonder the nice shiny new channel is dead? Is it any wonder their programmes failed to attract viewers? You had repeats, and repeats of the repeats, and repeats of the repeats of the repeats. The new channel was set up to fail. What the people of Scotland need is broadcasting devolved to Holyrood, that is the only way we will have control over what is imposed on us. We can take our own decisions on what is broadcast. Our own sports media teams able to cover sporting events from a Scots point of view and not from an English one. Like the Commonwealth Games of 2014, won by Glasgow and highjacked by the London centric sports media who came up on mass and stole our games.

The people of Scotland have put up with this rubbish for so long that they actively do not pay for this crap and very soon neither will our elderly, because it will be a case of eating, heating or watching telly. Or perhaps the SNP will mitigate the licence tax for the over 75s like they mitigate other things like the bedroom tax because the Tory toffs do not think having an extra bedroom is a right. Perhaps it is time to rethink that mansion tax, but that may have them board up their bedrooms like they boarded up with windows when the window tax came in centuries ago. Seems the toffs are always looking for ways to make you pay. But that is a story for another time. I’m having a go at good ole Aunty Beeb at the moment.

Time for the people of this country to stop watching the charade that is the BBC, perhaps they could mute their news broadcast next time. That way everyone will get some rest from their baloney they spout out daily.


  1. Stopped watching the EBC years ago after the charade that was their coverage of the Indy 1. The lies, the cheating and the total biased shite that they aired made me sick to the core. I still to this day don’t believe the outcome and never will. Can they get away with it again, well look at what’s happening right now, from what I have read, it’s exactly the same, and yes they are getting away with it.


  2. Not withstanding the content, the words of that verse of Flower of Scotland are:

    “But we can still rise now,
    and be THE nation again
    that stood against him….”


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