I couldn’t even get to the end of the segment!

Yesterday I came online to find the abhorrent Jeremy Vine had taken it upon himself to trash talk Scotland on his channel five program. In his review of the morning papers he decided he would bring to our attention the warning that another odious buffoon, Gordon Brown had to say regarding Boris Johnson becoming Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. In what could only be described as an all-out attack on Scotland, Vine doesn’t seem to care that Scotland voted to remain in the European Union and faces being dragged out. He doesn’t care that we have Tory governments thrust upon us just because we are stuck in an English parliament. What he does seem to care about however, is that Betty will be hurt by us telling those in the English parliament to bugger off.

AUOB Glasgow 2019

Holding up a copy of some newspaper, not even sure which one, and to be honest, I don’t give two flying figs, Vine said: “This is Gordon Brown, the former Prime Minister jumping up and giving a warning about Boris becoming Prime Minister saying, ‘the UK could split’ I mean that would hurt the Queen, Paul what do you think?”

The Paul to which he referred was Paul Burrell, Princess Diana’s ex butler: “I hope not, I hope not, because, mmm, the United Kingdom should remain together.”

Why’s that then Paul, why should the United Kingdom remain together? What has Scotland ever gotten out of being in this union? Oh wait, we’ve been robbed blind. Had our wealth squandered and treated like a naughty child.

Burrell went on: “This is food for Nicola Sturgeon, I mean she would love to read this, this morning.”

No Paul, she’s got far too much to do than to read about an ex-Prime Minister who does nothing but interfere in the politics of Scotland. Whose party took Scots for granted and have been kicked into touch by the Scottish public who do not take kindly to overbearing political arseholes, especially ones who talk our country down. But you carry on pal. “…saying that Scotland will have devolution.”

Scotland already has devolution, what we want is independence, although some would like independence in the European Union, I want independence first, however if we are to be in the European Union and it comes down to a straight choice then I shall choose the EU. Where the European State of Scotland will be treated with more fairness than we are at present. We are not in a union with England, we are stuck in an English parliament, being governed by English MP’s with an English Prime Minister, being ruled over by an English Queen. And before you come out with your favourite little nugget of ‘We Scots hate the English’ we most certainly don’t, what we hate is over bearing Eton educated schoolboys playing Russian roulette with our lives.

Burrell went on to deride Scotland’s resources, “For goodness sake by itself, it can survive, it has what?”

Yes, this pompous arse who thinks he is somebody knows nothing about our country; Vine chipped in that we have oil, Burrell telling us we have a monster in a lake. It’s a loch up here you moron. Yes, we have Nessie and it’s a tourist attraction. Right enough, England has tourist attractions in their palaces that could be described as monsters. Then we had the wee Scottish lassie whose only job seems to be as a telephonist, she piled up with whisky, wind power, tartan, bagpipes. Vine closed her down right away, probably too afraid she’d give the game away by mentioning too many things. Vine then asked if there was anyone in the English audience to defend Scotland. Yes ladies, gentlemen and those who have their own gender identity, he wanted someone to defend us. Therefore, it was an attack. “Do you think Scotland can survive on its own?” said Vine, “No” came the English voice. Then a guest on the panel, you would know her if you saw her, her name escapes me and to be quite honest I can’t be arsed to go and find out because that would take time and I don’t want to waste time on this trash. Let’s just call her the mature blond woman in the glasses. She pipes up with the little “Every time they do a poll…the figures now for staying in the union are higher than they were…”

That is how far I got, I didn’t even get to the end of the segment I was so enraged, my high blood pressure was already through the roof at this point that for medical reasons I switched it off. If I continued to watch I was in danger of having a stroke.

What gives these none entities the right to trash-talk our country like this? The answer, we do, but I believe they brought more people over to yes in a morning than we can do in an entire week. The complete derision in which our country was addressed is very telling. We are already independent, we think differently, we act differently, we vote differently. More and more eyes are opening, not just here in Scotland but around the world. When Scotland comes knocking, it will be welcomed with open arms. Scotland is a country, not a region of England. One day people of England will come to realise they have been lied to, they are not part of Great Britain, and there is no longer a United Kingdom. It was destroyed by the arrogance of the psychotic elite, the patronizing morons in the press and ex- butler types.

Let’s hope when the English parliament goes into recess in July, they return to find Scotland gone, I am sick and tired of bowing down to our English masters, time to tell them to stand on their own two feet, time the country of England used it’s own resources, and time for the relic that is in the palace to stop scourging off a public that cannot afford to keep them any longer. Time to dip into their savings and not the public purse.