An open letter to those who talk the country down!

Dear whoever,

Seems the spiffing thing to do these days is to have a pop at Scotland, from talking down our education system, to our Scottish National Health Service, our democratically elected government, our plans to tell those in Westminster to sling their hook and our plans to also tell the relic that is in the palace thanks but no thanks. Anything and everything seems fair game to these people.

If I hear unelected members of the Scottish Parliament who are only there because of the list system, who seem happy to draw a wage from the public purse, the same public who told them to sod off; if I hear one more thing from them about how our country isn’t doing well I am going to scream. You have absolutely no right being in our parliament, you are there on a technicality, not on merit, so please sit down and shut the hell up.

For some time now there has been a steady increase in the attacks Scotland has faced; the too wee, too poor, and too stupid mantra of old is not working anymore. We are big enough, strong enough, rich enough, as our own national newspaper, the one launched in November of 2014, because we on the other side of the argument did not have a media with a backbone, sorry we had the Sunday Herald, but that was all. The rest, only too happy to talk down the country in which they reside and seem to have upped their anti-Scottish mantra. As I said, as quoted in the National, we are BIG ENOUGH, STRONG ENOUGH, RICH ENOUGH and quite frankly HAD ENOUGH. So please, sit the hell down and shut the hell up. If you hate the country in which you reside that much, don’t let us keep you here. You are free to piss off any time you like.

In addition to the too wee, too poor and too stupid argument, the other nugget and one of my personal favourites. “It was once in a generation.” Oh, dear god, if I have heard this once I have heard it a dozen times. Have you any idea how daft you sound? Is that your argument for not permitting the people of Scotland to have a say in our future? You’ve already had a referendum you’re not getting another one. God almighty, just shut up. You sound like petulant children. When are you going to start making a case for the union you love so much? We on the yes side are constantly asked to make a case for taking our independence. Jesus, it’s not rocket science, independence is the natural way. If it were not, then all the countries in the world would be in a union with someone. Jeez-oh, sometimes you are all just too smart for your own good, not! We won’t be having our independence because Alex Salmond said it’s once in a generation, oh dear god and you people want to run our country, with that logic?

So, I have ranted long enough, those who talk down our country especially if you are making a cushy wee living here, those who sit in our parliament, the one we the people voted democratically to have restored and devolved powers within it. To those who would see us run by another country then perhaps it is time for you to go live there instead, I feel you will be happier, imagine residing in a country you obviously hate. In other words what I am trying to tell you is bugger off, you are not wanted or needed here. I wish you nothing but the best but just not here in the country that I love.




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