First Step – Devolution – Next Step – Independence – Final Step – A Scottish Republic!

On a bright sunny day back in July 1st, 1999, people gathered on both sides of the Royal Mile for a ceremony that left those in the Conservative Party spitting chips. The people of these glorious lands had voted in a referendum to have our parliament reconvened and devolved powers within it. As media mingled with tourists and Scots, both old and new, the pipers and drummers could be heard practicing nearby. Above the cobbles of Edinburgh’s ancient street, people gathered, windows thrown open, ready to welcome all. The children of the Lothian Pipe Band internationally recognised got into position, and to the haunting sound of the bagpipes it began.


Guards, either side stood to attention as their monarch, the one they serve was driven along the street, the clip, clip, of the horses and riders behind, Her Majesty, in purple, his Majesty Prince Philip in suit, waving happily to the crowd; and a crowd of politicians, Winnie Ewing among them slowly descended on foot along the mile.

A historical day.

Jubilant Scottish voices yelled ‘Scotland’ as the Queen and Prince Philip were driven past, on the last leg of their short journey. And there were boos amounts the cheers for the Queen. Not all were Royalists even back then. And to top it all off, the Red Arrows, lead by the Concorde flew overheard. Leaving a trail of white vapor in their wake. And Winnie Ewing, on opening the reconvened parliament. “The Scottish Parliament adjourned on the 25th day of March seventeen hundred and seven is hereby reconvened.”

Twenty years and the parliament has come a long way, we now have an independence supporting government put in power by the people which the London based Conservative and Unionist, (although the clue may be in their name). The Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats would like to see adjourned again. Make no mistake, these unionists have no interest in the parliament in which they sit; they take their orders from their masters in London. And Actively campaigned together during the independence referendum of 2014. They nailed their colours to the mast and have kept them there since. To witness Labour standing shoulder to shoulder with the representatives of a party that destroyed this country during the Thatcher years that saw many in my generation exploited by unscrupulous bosses, one who boasted of getting people like me ten a penny. People like me, who took three buses to a nursery to work over 30hours a week for an extra tenner. With a promise of a job at the end of the scheme which did not materialise. Yes, I dare say she could have gotten good hardworking people like me for ten a penny, employers must have thought all their Christmases had come at once.

Being under the cosh of Tory Britain back before we had a parliament to mitigate the policies designed to keep the masses enslaved, back when I was exploited along with my fellow human beings born in the sixties and coming of age just as the labour market crashed, where you could no longer leave a job on the Friday and have another by the Monday. Back when everything our mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts and uncle had worked, for, some physically fighting for, destroyed by the creed of greed by those elitist psychopaths, whose love of money and power destroyed everything build out of the ashes of a war that tore the very heart out of towns and cities across Europe. Mining no longer required, therefore three generations of a family thrown onto the scrapheap and the Thatcher Government then had the audacity to tell them all to go and get a job.

On that July day, 20 years ago I thought this the start of the real road to independence, and as Tony Blair’s New Labour filled itself with Tories, to appeal to middle-England I knew that was the death of Labour in Scotland. They sold their soul for the power of the English Parliament and threw the loyalty of Scotland to the party under the nearest red double decker bus. The Scottish National Party now occupy the space left by Scottish Labour, although not socialist, they are the central left party that appeals to the Scottish electorate. As long as they keep putting the people of Scotland first, as long as they do not step out of line, those in Scotland will have their back. However, as soon as they overstep the mark. As soon as they begin to take the electorate for granted they will find a very unforgiven public and they are sailing very close to doing just that.

The SNP have a mandate given to them by the public, they might not have an over all majority but there is a majority of independence supporting parties in OUR parliament. The people did not give their vote to the Tories and every time the BBC’s darling Ruth Davidson has campaigned on a ‘say no to a second independence referendum’ she has gotten her arse kicked. Labour are finished in Scotland, that is what comes of betraying the loyalty of a people and of course Liberal Democrats are a non-entity.

The Scottish Parliament was beautifully celebrated yesterday, although the crowds were a far cry from that sunny July day. Only crowds to line the street were tourists, not a bagpipe in sight, or if there was I didn’t see or hear them. What we had was a brass band as the Briticising of everything and everyone continues. And Prince Philip was replaced by Prince Charles, the Duke of whatever. I refuse to give him a Scottish title because I do not accept the English Monarchy.

Holyrood is in jeopardy; twenty years of our parliament could disappear into the history books if the SNP hierarchy do not get their finger out. The autumn of 2020 may be far too late, is it any wonder the unelected Tory government are keeping everyone in the dark with the will-we won’t-we leave. They want an element of surprise. They are purposefully squandering the extra time given to them by the European Union, having a leadership debate, choosing who our new unelected Prime Minister will be. I really hope that, come the end of July there will be an announcement of a date in which we vote to leave this unequal union. The people of Scotland are getting restless, annoyed, but more importantly angry. All we can hope is that the Scottish National Party, under Nicola Sturgeon’s leadership knows what the hell they are doing. Because when we are dragged out of the European Union with a no deal Brexit, all hell is going to break lose. Those lifeboats had better be ready, because if they are not. The people just might go without their government, the democratically elected one. We have the declaration of Arbroath and we are a sovereign people. There is a majority supporting independence; the absolute meltdown of the unionist media and unionist politicians would give credence to the fact.

I tweeted yesterday as I watched the ceremony online, that their Majesties faces were tripping them. Now looking back at the footage, there was a sadness in the eyes of the Queen, perhaps she has come to realise that her rule over Scotland is coming to an end. There were no cheering crowds, no Union Jack waving, only around two hundred tourists, if there even was that. Prince Charles also looked melancholy, perhaps he to realises that he will never be the King of Scotland. Perhaps Burrell was correct, losing Scotland will break the heart of the Queen. I’ll dance in the street of course, the day Scotland votes to become a republic I hope that I am alive to see it. No politician should bend the knee to a sovereign who cares not a jot for her people.


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