Lord Dunlop to carry out a review of devolution!

News broke last night that Lord Dunlop, of POLL TAX fame, is to carry out a review of devolution and report back to the new Prime Minister in the autumn. Dunlop, who was responsible for the ill-fated Poll Tax, which incidentally was tested in Scotland first before being rolled out across the rest of the United Kingdom and saw demonstrations across the UK. However, it was only scrapped when the people of England protested. Had they not told the Thatcher Government where to stick their poll tax, we might all still be paying this unfair tax.

This is the first step in clawing back the powers the people of Scotland voted for, this is the first step of the English Government’s plans to disarm the Scottish Parliament. As I said before, Mundell is not filling his office in Leith with civil servants for nothing. He is the English Government’s representative in Scotland. There is no Scotland office, its name changed some time ago.

People took to twitter last night with concerns as to what this will mean for Holyrood. For me it means our parliament’s powers will be eroded and eroded until it is nothing more than a museum; already there are those who are duped into thinking it is a complete waste of money. Those whose lives are fine do not realise how bad things would be had the Scottish Government not mitigated the draconian policies of the English Government. They do not realise that they would be paying through the nose for their prescription which stands at almost £10 an item. They do not realise how close England are to losing their National Health Service. They do not realise that those who are asleep on our streets are there through no fault of their own. They are their because they have been failed by a government no one in Scotland voted for. And lastly, they do not realise that they are only one illness or one redundancy away from losing everything that they have built. By the time they wake up, turn off the awful Love Island, which incidentally seems to trend on twitter every single night, things will be in such disarray they will not know what has hit them.

Others, like myself, well I know where I shall be, if the English Government think they are going to snatch away the future of the youth and send them into oblivion as they did with Thatcher’s children, they can think again. I will not stand back and watch our youth be exploited by unscrupulous employers like we were, working 30-40 hours  alongside people who were making a good wage, continuing because we thought there was a job at the end of our ‘training’ when, upon reaching our eighteenth birthday it was thanks but no thanks and out the door you go. To be replaced by another fresh-faced sixteen-year-old.

It does not matter who gets the keys of number 10. Scotland will be screwed. If we do not get out of this union soon we may as well hand the country over. The time for Nicola Sturgeon to press the ‘all systems go’ button must be imminent. If not, then I shall have to question her commitment to independence. Twenty-twenty or sooner I believe she has been reported in saying. Let us hope it is sooner.

My gut feeling? I think I shall dig out my walking shoes, coat, hat and scarf, I think independence is immanent. The polls are showing yes ahead, the media are in meltdown and the English Government have no doubt got contingency plans which may or may not include military. They cannot lose their cash cow, they would be bankrupt in days. We have a question to ask ourselves. “If it comes right down to it. Will you be prepared to fight for this country? Or will you sit at home watching Love Island? I know where I will be.

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