13,000 people who do NOT want another referendum showed up in Ayr!

The sun rose over the seaside town of Ayr, a place dear to my heart as this was my mother’s favourite place to go most Saturdays.  Even in winter my mother and Aunt could be found either in the town centre, where they would take afternoon tea in Marks and Spencer café, their seat by the window watching the river flow and the swans swim gracefully by. Or walking along the front, with the sound of seagulls above and the waves crashing onto the sand in the distance. This for me was the place where, last year I attended University West of Scotland and gained my Master of Arts degree in Creative Media Practice. Therefore, it is also dear to my heart, and it was most annoying that I could not attend the march and rally yesterday due to a prior commitment.

Saltires blew in the breeze, the car park full, the mood happy, as is always the case when we march to show those who doubt that there most certainly is an appetite for independence. Faces old and new, some on their first march took to twitter to let everyone know.

Shelagh tweeted: “My first march. Met great folk, English, Europeans. All ages. Fab day, music, fun, great chraic…”

To the pipes and drums of the Saor Alba Band, they march began, a slow steady peaceful procession through the streets of Ayr. Along the route as is always the case they came across a tiny pocket of those who support the union, a force for good who tweeted. “We stood for the union in Ayr today and greated the Scotnat marchers with a proud display of red, white, and blue. We won’t let them bully the silent majority.”

Yes, they really did tweet that. How can a silent majority be bullied? How can those hiding in the shadows be bullied? Time and time again the unionists who come out of the shadows are the ones who shout and scream, they are the ones who call those of us in the yes movement bastards. They are the ones who turned up in George Square and battled with independence supporters on the 19th September 2014, and stood with their arms out stretched in a NAZI SALUTE!. They are the ones who use intimidation to get their point across. They are the ones projecting hate.

A Force for Good, Really!

There were I’d estimate a couple of dozen union flags, if there were even that, seemed they had spread out a bit to make it look more. Possibly because the Herald on Sunday would be shuffling along for that shot to make it look like there were thousands. There weren’t even fifty, least that’s what it looked like to me as I caught up with the events that had been broadcast on @indylivescot earlier. The crowd, a total of 13,000 as announced by All Under One Banner later in the day, walked by the unionist ‘Force for good’ some in dignified silence, some with bemused smiles on their faces, some waved and cheered, but most just laughed. Perhaps that’s why a ‘Force for Good’ get so angry. Or perhaps it’s just that they know their precious union is dead!

Another march over, on to the next one. Well done everyone who went along, and well done to All Under One Banner; freedom is coming, it’s just a matter of time.