The Brutish State: Scotland don’t want another referendum, Aye, right ye are!

Yesterday during Prime Minister’s Questions, Kirstene for Angus got to her feet to ask her hero’s advice on what should be done about the SNP and another independence referendum in Scotland. Kirstene, doesn’t want one because she is a unionist with every fibre of her being. Which roughly translates as being just another puppet Westminster can use to exert their authority on the people of Scotland. Just another self-serving moron who would rather see Scotland destroyed by her Tory masters. You see, people like Kirstene are there to do the London  Tory toff’s dirty work. To talk down a country in which they reside. Talk down the very people who are working hard and to make sure the people are kept under the jackboot of the Brutish State.

Kirstene Hair tweeted yesterday: “Poll after poll shows Scots don’t want #indyref2. So the SNP are cooking up even more extreme ideas to get their way. Such as an illegal referendum. Scotland can rely on @ScotTories to stand up against this.”

What Kirstene for Angus is really saying, the Scot Tories don’t care if the people of Scotland voted a majority of independence supporting MSP’s into Holyrood. Quite frankly the Scots Tories just do as their London master’s bid them to do. Standing up for the people of Scotland doesn’t even come into the equation. They have proven time and time again what a bunch of careerists they are. They are spineless when it comes to standing up for the people of Scotland. At Prime Minister’s Questions, the blond Kirstene got to her feet and having caught the eye of speaker John Bercow she did her duty as only a snivelling little Tory could. She talked down our country because she is a unionist through and through.

“Prime Minister, I am a unionist with every fibre of my being.” Yes that went down very well with her peers, “…that’s why I was so aghast to hear Nicola Sturgeon’s colleagues wishing to railroad through an independence referendum without a section 30 order.”

They really are flogging to death this section 30 order, it’s their weapon against the people of Scotland deciding to tell Westminster to go from Scotland and never darken our door again. Kirstene for Angus wasn’t finished though. She was only getting started.

“At a time when public services in Scotland are mismanaged and desperately need resources; an economy that has stagnated and constantly pursuing policies that cut off the circulation at Berwick and not because they are in the interests of Scotland.”

Good god, she lost me. I have no idea what she is talking about. However, I do know that the those who work in public services are doing a great job. To have some wee careerist like Kirstene for Angus talk down their effort is absolutely disgusting. But, hey she’s a Tory, it comes with the territory. Public services under the Scottish National Party are ten times better than they are in England. England is collapsing before our very eyes. Hunt when he oversaw their NHS withheld funds that would have seen it flourish, he disabled any chance it had to maintain the great service built up by the people who fought the Nazis. The United Kingdom has been mismanaged for decades both under Tory and Labour Governments. The financial banking crash of 2008 saw the Tory Government take the chance to punish the poor for the mistakes of the rich. People have been living under Tory austerity for over a decade. Had their wealth stolen by unscrupulous Public Schoolboys and girls who take their orders, not from the people of the United Kingdom but from rich lobbyists. The most vulnerable under Tory austerity have been murdered by the State who withheld that safety net that would have saw them land safely. Instead they have been backed into a corner and suicided out of existence. Disgusting, dystopian behaviour from a Westminster government who are totally out of control. Is it any wonder Scotland has chosen another path?

The Snivelling Kirstene went on “Will the Prime Minister join me to condemn this illegal referendum approach and push the SNP to prioritise the areas that are actually in the interests of the people of Scotland.”

Seems to me that the Tory Government know the games a bogey, poll after poll is not showing there is no support for another referendum, if anything, it is showing that the people of Scotland are not going back into our box. It shows the people of Scotland have a voice and are using it to inform our fellow citizens just what it means to be under direct Westminster rule, especially with the psychotic Tories in charge. How dare this member of parliament dictate to the people what we cannot have. How dare she decide our referendum is illegal. How dare she beseech her Prime Minister to prevent our democratic right to decide our future.

The Prime Minister, whom I thought had resigned and left already, said this in her answer: “My Honourable friend is absolutely right. The SNP promised the people in Scotland in 2014 that the independence referendum was a once in a generation vote.”

Oh please, not this little nugget. Where in the Edinburgh Agreement does it say ‘this referendum is a once in a generation vote and therefore the people will never be asked the question again? What a piece of nonsense. If that is their whole argument for not allowing the people of Scotland our democratic right to decide then so be it. It says more about the Brutish State than it does Scotland. The Prime Minister went on.

“Now they are laying the foundation for another vote in 18 months time. The SNP claim in this House that Scotland is being ignored…  SNP a government obsessed with another referendum against the wishes of a clear majority of Scots.”

What a lot of crock. If there was a clear majority of scots opposed to independence the Brutish State would not be in absolute meltdown. The people of Scotland would not be bombarded with Tory MP’s telling us that there is no appetite for another referendum. If the Brutish State thought they could put this to bed once and for all they would be only too happy to agree to Scotland holding a referendum, just as Cameron had been. They thought it would be decided in 2014. The people of Scotland awoke from our long slumber to discover the Brutish State had been stealing from us whilst telling us we were subsidised and should be grateful. The people of Scotland are now more politically educated. The promises made to the people in 2014 did not materialise and they know it. Moreover, they know that we know it. And know that a great number of those who voted no last time feel betrayed and are now firm yes voters.

The Brutish State is over. The Union is dead and that is why Westminster is in meltdown, the polls are showing yes ahead. Westminster is sitting on a poll that I am quite sure has support for independence well ahead. If not, they would be only too happy to publish it. The constant trek north by Westminster Tory MP’s who deliver their message to a small minority of their support shows just how dyer the situation is. Scotland is already independent. A referendum in 18 months has me concerned however, I am hoping it is sooner because there is no telling what skulduggery the Brutish State can do to us in those 18 months. My hope is, as soon as either Johnson or Hunt is installed as Prime Minister, Nicola Sturgeon announces her intensions. The Brutish State are not going to agree to a section 30. My hope is that Nicola holds a referendum sooner rather than later. Scotland is on the edge of the cliff, let us not go over with the Brutish State because things will not be pretty.


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  1. I think we are all nervous about what actions the British state will employ after the restraints imposed by EU membership are removed. To safeguard the WG’s stranglehold on Scotland’s vital resources they must destroy any threat that puts that access in jeopardy. Nicola’s move must be bold and and it must be soon…


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