Johnson…or Scotland…we can do better…time to go!

This week will see the result of the Tory leadership battle and possibly Boris Johnson inflicted as Prime Minister on a nation, most of whom have an intense dislike of. Johnson, if elected, and let’s be clear there is a 99.9% chance he will be will become the next PM and has stated that he intends to visit Scotland to promote the union. Well I say let him come, and often, because as soon as he crosses the border from his precious England and arrives in Scotland, people will rush to support Scotland being an independent country and some may even rush to join the Scottish National Party. It’s a win-win. Happy days.

Joking aside however, the United Kingdom is about to have an unelected Prime Minister thrust upon it. A man only a few elitists’ have voted into power. If he does not call a General Election, and it is alleged he has no intention of doing. Then he has seized power and intends to govern. That is a very dangerous concept. People of the United Kingdom should have the right to choose who they want as their Prime Minister, that is democracy, if they do not have that right, then that is dictatorship. And let’s face it, the UK has become more and more dictatorial in recent years.

So, who exactly is Boris Johnson?

London based architect, author and academic Douglas Murphy wrote: “Boris Johnson may be a politician, but he is a professional celebrity of the truest 21st-century fashion, famous for being famous, a caricature whose main job is to keep himself on the front pages.”

Born in 1964, into the English upper classes, Johnson whose is known by his family as Al, short for Alexander, his first name, Boris was educated at Eton and went to Oxford where he studied classics. Johnson’s career as a journalist is quite a tale to tell as it was not all plain sailing. In fact, Murphy describes it as being ‘chequered’. Johnson was fired from his job for lying, has been accused of providing the address of a journalist whom a colleague wanted beaten up. In fact, fellow journalist and colleague Sonia Purnell in her biography of Johnson entitled, Just Boris – A tale of Ambition – A biography of Boris Johnson, to give it its full title.  describes him as being “…the most ruthless ambitious person I have ever met.” And described him as being “Notoriously difficult to read, harder still to predict.” And a “Self-promoter, who changes views more frequently than clothes.”

Those who have known Johnson for years know he makes a bad enemy. According to Purnell, the wife of a Bullingdon Club cohort, (The Bullingdon Club) an elitist club in Oxford which Johnston and David Cameron are said to have been members of during their university days said: “Her husband would not speak about Boris, even off the record, as he is frightened of what he might do back.”

Johnson is not the clown persona he gives out to the world, he is a very callous, calculating man. Who it is alleged told Tories that he considers it his destiny to lead the country?

In 2002, Purnell “Invited readers of the independent on Sunday to imagine him [Boris] standing victorious on the steps of Downing Street…as he lifts his arm to jubilant crowds waiting in the sunshine, shreds of his ripped jacket pocket flap gently in the early summer breeze.”

I bet when Purnell wrote that, she had no idea just how close a prediction she was making, this week as the result of the elitist ballet is read, that is the image I shall take, Johnson entering number Ten Downing Street, no election fought, just a snatch of power that this ruthless man will have in the palm of his hand.

Scotland we can do better. Let us get out now.