We are off: Deal with it!

As Boris took the keys to number 10, the hysteria of the press almost reached boiling point. And believe me. It hah nothing to do with the heatwave the UK has been shrouded in for days. As soon as the result was announced it was a case of everything Boris from media and politicians alike. What a way to seize power. Don’t ask the electorate, especially the Scots.

Politicians and pundits all vying for the who’s who and the who’s through. Well they did not have to wait long, for as soon as Boris got back after his wee trip to see wee Betty in her place of residence and after giving a wee speech he disappeared inside and we got to see him take his first steps into number 10 with the great and the good all standing around applauding. And some bloke who I didn’t even bother to research the name of. (Yes, that is how board I am of all the pomp and ceremony.) showed him into the cabinet room to be given the codes of the nuclear subs. Yes, be afraid, very afraid. Although to be fair, the old PM, you know the ‘strong and stable’ one. May also had the codes and said in parliament that she was prepared to use them.

No sooner than Boris had seized power than the dominos began to fall, those with dignity, like Hammond resigned, those like that snivelling little worm Mundell were sacked. The ruthless Boris happily putting people into positions of power; like Priti Patel, who wishes to bring back the death penalty, and starve the Irish into submission. And a whole host of other undesirables I cannot be bothered to name.

It is an absolute mess, a joke that has now gone too far. We now have the most right-wing cabinet for decades, people with absolutely no principals. No thought for anyone but themselves. And we have the Scottish National Party leaders such as Ian Blackford telling us all that Scotland can do better. Yes, Ian we can do better, we are all here waiting, ready to go.  Although I am unsure of how we are going to achieve this, not by a referendum, that will take far too long, in my opinion. We need out now, this minute. Not in the autumn of 2020. I was pleased to hear the First Minister mention accelerating plans for a vote. Or whatever the hell it is she has decided to do. Let us hope that it is SOMETHING!

I shall be interested to see the first polls since Boris came to power. There was a majority who said they would vote for independence if Boris Johnson come to power. Well that has now happened. I feel Scotland is standing on the starting line waiting for the pistol to go off. When it does, it will be all systems go. The time is now the union is dead, I know it, you know it. And to be perfectly honest, the unionist politicians and media know it. They are preparing to take Scotland. Possibly by force, remember, nothing is off limits. The Brutish State has it’s back to the wall. Wee Betty isn’t purring, she is positively hissing. I can only imagine what was said in that first meeting.

The next weeks will be important, Westminster goes on holiday as Holyrood return. I shall expect some big plans to be revealed by our First Minister, you know, the one elected by the people and given a mandate. I may have a cheek in saying this, especially as I was the one chomping at the bit to get started. But, now is the time to hold our nerve. Independence is coming, and it is us who will take it. It will not be given. Time to give Westminster notice.

We are off, deal with it!