“Away hame ya wanker…”

“Get him telt Nicola, wanker and away hame, were just some of the words yelled at Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the Tory Party on his visit to Scotland.


“A carefully planned PR Stunt in Scotland ruined by boo’s, a stoney faced First Minister and an ignominious exit through the back door. And that is all everyone is talking about. Expect repercussions…Scotland…like a concerned rat, he will now lash out and strike back.” Emma Cochrane – Twitter


Emma is not wrong. The unelected Prime Minister of the UK does not look kindly on his enemies. And will be seeking revenge on all who humiliated him, especially as he had to skulk out the back door of Bute House.

Yesterday saw the first visit to Scotland by this charlatan, the leader and Prime Minister of the Tories. His first port of call, Faslane to inspect his nuclear arsenal. Well it may be needed seeing as the old warmongers are desperate to start World War Three. The first leg of the Public Relations exercise got off to a spiffing start, with Johnson walking around in wonderment at Faslane and to think this man has the nuclear codes. Then it was on to the capital City, Edinburgh, dull and gloomy, the weather matching the mood of the country; and yes, we are a country, not a region as is being drummed into us.

If Johnson and his large entourage thought they were going to get the customary warm welcome that is Scotland, he was gravelly mistaken. Scottish people have long memories. Perhaps Johnson, while living in his elitist bubble didn’t think for one minute that his, “A pound spent in Croydon is of far more value than a pound spent in Strathclyde.”  would not reach the people of Scotland, then he was mistaken. It has, on many an occasion and therefore he was given the reception he so richly deserved.

Revenge is a dish best served cold, and yes, the people got that revenge. As Scottish comedian Janey Godley so eloquently put it. “…Scottish people booed the baws off Boris…he faced baying crowds and had to run out the back door.”

He did indeed, those braying crowds did not let us down, Boris did not get the welcome his Scottish Tory colleagues had promised. He found out the hard way that he is not liked by a vast majority of Scots and of course the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon whose feelings were on show as she greeted the man on the steps of Bute House, ushering Boris and his large team of groupies inside. To shouts of:

“Away hame.”


And my personal favourite, “Get him telt Nicola, get him telt.”

The First Minister, her holiday undoubtedly interrupted by this buffoon’s PR Stunt, was having none of it, gone was the smile for her peers, the often friendly greeting. In its place a stern look that could be interpreted by Scots as being get into the hoose, did anyone see you coming in here, god, I can’t believe I’m having to associate with you. And looking at Alister Jack, the new Secretary of State for Scotland, who the hell are you?” And looking down the street as the hangers-on get out of their cars. Jesus Christ, how many people do you need. That’s going to be some bill the taxpayer is going to have to pay. Of course, none of this was said by the First Minister, but you could be forgiven in thinking that she would have love to have said it.

The Prime Minister of the Tory Party’s mission to strengthen the union has gotten off a  tremendous start, as he and the Tory media stepped from their Westminster bubble and experienced the reality of what the people actually think. Scotland, we did ourselves proud yesterday, Now, it is time for our Celtic brothers and sisters in Wales to take the baton. Good luck Wales, you can swear at him in welsh. He won’t understand a word you are saying.