I really have nothing to say!

In trying to decide what I wanted to write about this morning I concluded that there is nothing worth writing about. We have heard it all before. It has been repeated and repeated. Therefore, I just decided to air my thoughts.

We are living in exceptional times; we have a Prime Minister who has been parachuted into power by a few elitist psychopaths. Johnson promptly toured the UK making all kind of unsubstantiated promises and whose popularity seems confined to those in his party and membership.

We are no further forward in taking our own independence, our limbo remains suspended in mid-air, it’s a wonder we are not all air sick by now. The SNP are still making the right noises, but that is all they are making. Slow and steady progress toward convincing people they cry. Jesus, if the newly formed Westminster government and the threat of a no-deal Brexit that is only now being planned for has not moved people to vote yes to independence then nothing will. If we leave with no deal, then it is over for Scottish independence; for we will not have the capability to hold it. Holyrood will be gone, powers seized as the fascist Westminster government bring in a state of emergency and dissolve Holyrood.

The news coming out of Westminster should be enough to alarm even the toughest of people. We have a Home Secretary who wishes to bring back the death penalty, and by the sound of it, would bring back hard labour for criminals. Thank god Australia is an independent country, because this cretin would have no qualms in sending people there as was the case in the nineteenth century, some for merely stealing a loaf of bread to feed their children.

Least we have food banks today!

Johnson is already down by one, the Liberal Democrats taking the seat and now we have Jo Swinson running around thinking she is the big ‘I am’ because her party seem to be making a comeback. She forgets Plaid Cymru and the Greens stepped aside. This woman is getting on my nerves. Since becoming leader of her party, she seems to be promoting herself as the saviour of the European Union. Her party is the only party that can stop Brexit. She is neither a Liberal or a Democrat. All who want to stop England and Wales from exiting the European Union forget the people of England and Wales wish to leave. Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to remain. Swinson cannot be a Lib Dem and promote to keep two parts of the union in the European Union against their will. What happens if they win in a General Election, go to the electorate again and the result is the same?

What then?

The United Kingdom is finished, these past few years have shown that it doesn’t and has never worked for Scotland. We are going off in different directions, the people of Scotland, by no means all, but a vast majority voted to remain in the European Union. For another country to take us out against the express wishes of the people of Scotland is not on. The days of Scotland just going along with what England want are over. This week when Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the Tory Party visited Scotland he got a taste of just how angry people are and no amount of playing it down is going to work. The media got the shock of their lives, that is what comes of being in their own bubble and believing their own hype. They truly thought Scotland would just lie down and be walked over, as has been the case many times before. Johnson believed he only need to summon our First Minister to a meeting and would be welcome with open arms. Everyone knows I am not Nicola Sturgeon’s biggest fan; however, I must trust she knows what she is doing. We are surely now on that starting line. All we need now is that pistol to go and we are all off and running.

The end is nigh, the union is dead, time to bury it.