52% for YES!!!!!!!

Sunday evening, just before many went to bed or were in bed, Lord Ashcroft teased at a poll the results of which would be released the following morning. In his tweet he mentioned something about needing a tin helmet. (A reference more in keeping with WW2 than some conspiracy theory wearing tin foil hat.) Those who saw that tweet and had been settled for the night took to twitter to air their views. “And here was me settled down for the night. Now I’ll not be able to sleep.” But settle we did.

I woke yesterday to news that support for Scotland to become an independent country was sitting at 52% and that as far as I am aware excludes 16- and 17-year olds and EU nationals. Therefore, the percentage of those supporting independence could possibly climb higher.

Word filtered out slowly through the day, and the #Indyref2Now began to trend and remained in the top trends in Glasgow all day. Those who support the union seemed very quiet yesterday; either that or I have just blocked them all and lord knows what the Scottish Tories had to say, I have started to block them also. I cannot stand the way they talk about our country, our National Health Service, and all the good things in Scotland they seem to hate. So much so, it is a wonder they still like living here. Perhaps they would be much happier living elsewhere.

Ashcroft’s poll, although welcome is just one poll. It will be interesting to see if this is a real shift as we near the 31st October, EU exit day. People are getting very twitchy, myself included, the nearer we become to a ‘no-deal’ Brexit the more uncertain things become. My only hope is that our First Minister, democratically elected with a mandate that, ‘should Scotland be taken out of the European Union against the wishes of the people of Scotland. Then a referendum should be held to determine our future’ I of course paraphrase there. The people of Scotland have given the SNP a mandate, we did not give a mandate to Scottish Labour, the Scottish Conservative and Unionists, nor did we give a mandate to the Liberal Democrats. Not one of them gained a majority in Holyrood. Granted neither did we give a majority to the SNP but together with the independence supporting Greens there is a majority in Holyrood in favour of independence.

The English Government is not going to grant a section 30 order, why would they? They need to hang onto Scotland as we are their cash cow. Therefore, what can we hold a referendum without one? I am no legal expert, but my gut feeling is yes, we can hold an advisory one. If my memory serves me correctly, the EU referendum was advisory. Either way the people of Scotland are at a crossroads, which way do we go? One way leads to Brexit and something the vast majority did not vote for, the other independence and whatever happens next. Least with independence we would be in charge, with Brexit, whatever happens will be done to us by an English Prime Minister nobody voted for. A Prime Minister who would have no qualms about suspending parliament to push through a no-deal Brexit. Remember if he can do this, he can suspend parliament willy-nilly whenever they please.

The people of Scotland are sovereign, it is our right to determine our own future; there is also a new Act of Union winging its way through the House of Lords which will be worded in such a way as to diminish our rights. The time is nearing.

Buckle the F… up, this is going to get bumpy.