Sometimes you just need some timeout!

Sometimes you just need to take some timeout and that is what I have done. I found myself on brain overload with the whole Brexit chaos and the fact that the Scottish National Party hierarchy seem only to offer platitudes to the pending doom. I took a break from it all. I was still active on social media, but I just could not bring myself to write anything, it would have been meaningless drivel.

Back now, probably update the blog on Wednesday, as things are beginning to happen. The Brutish State are in full Scotland is rubbish mode, organisations, such as AUOB have had their twitter account suspended or deleted. Other prominent members of the yes movement are having their accounts hidden on facebook. It proves the Brutish State are afraid; therefore, we will make every effort to get the message out there.

I look forward to the return of politicians to Holyrood. And I shall keep a close eye on proceedings. The time for the SNP to make a move is now. If they do not, then we are in trouble.




  1. I hear you. I’m totally scunnered with it all just now. I’m barely on Twitter because of all the nastiness and lies from the BritNats, and Facebook is only slightly better. Being patient is wearing thin now.


    1. Hi JSM,

      First and foremost, thank you for all the support you have given and the comments.

      Yes, scunnered is a good Scottish word to use, it is getting really nasty on social media platforms now. I have just blocked everyone, I do not engage at all. Facebook and twitter censorship of pro independence sites is going overboard, what with AUOB losing their account and Gordon Ross’ indycar having viewers hidden. It is happening to most alternative media. They really don’t want the word to get out; which means they are worried.

      Once again, thanks for all your support of the website.


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