Time to ditch the lot of them!

Wee Betty has been having a time of it lately.

Balmoral is Betty’s safe place. The one she runs to when the going gets tough, or when she wants to escape the drudgery of London. Things could not have been any worse for wee betty, what with wayward ‘alleged pedo’ son Andy making the news and her having to have him sit next to her smiling away as he holds two fingers up at those who know what he’s been up to. Least he and that awful ex wife Fergie have gone from her hideaway; only because The Duke of Edinburgh arrived. Did anyone ask if we wanted a Duke. Has anyone ever asked if we want these muppets screwing us over? The biggest benefit scroungers there has ever been. That’s what they are. Anyway, wee Betty is ecstatic at Boris coming to her rescue and saving the day, because those awful Americans were asking awkward questions of Randy Andy. Inviting him over to the States to answer questions on oath about his involvement with Epstein and those underage children who were trafficked. They were not underage prostitutes as the press labelled them. They were children, raped and abused.

To get back to Betty, holidaying in Balmoral and her involvement in British politics. Be under no illusion that Betty doesn’t do politics, she is very much involved. Just research her privy council and all those politicians that have taken the knee. She is kept well informed of what is going on in the ‘not so very’ United Kingdom. And just remember her involvement in the independence referendum. When she told us all to ‘Think very carefully’ yes, I took that as a direct threat from the old witch.

Now, instead of talking about the alleged ‘pedo’ Andrew we are talking about Boris the unelected Prime Minister of the UK’s intention to suspend parliament to push through his no-deal Brexit. And the fallout has been great.

Corbyn called it “A threat to democracy, the speaker of the house Bercow said it was ‘a constitutional outrage and SNP’s Ian Blackford said Johnson is ‘acting like a dictator’

Nicola Sturgeon, first minister of Scotland: “It seems that Boris Johnson may actually be about to shut down parliament to force through a no deal Brexit. Unless MP’s come together to stop him next week.”

Labours John McDonnell: “Make no mistake, this is a very British coup. Whatever your views on Brexit, once you allow a Prime Minister to prevent the full and free operation of our democratic institutions you are on a precarious path.”

Perhaps put best by Mike Galsworthy on twitter: “An unelected PM asks a monarch in secret to suspend the mother of all parliaments”

How very convenient as news outlets are now focussed away from that alleged ‘pedo’ to the constitutional crisis that is the UK where an unelected Prime Minister, having seized power asks an unelected monarch to suspend parliament in order to force through a Brexit only two parts of the United Kingdom voted for.

Time to go Scotland. Time to end this union. And time to ditch the unelected Queen and her family, especially that alleged ‘pedo’ son.