What the hell was that?

Those who are politically switched on in Scotland will be asking this morning, “what the hell was that?”

Yesterday I took a break from writing my novel to sit down and watch the debate. I had a choice, watch the first minister, Nicola Sturgeon set out her programme of government or switch on parliament TV (yes I must be one of the few in Scotland who still pay my licence fee) I still pay it for this precise reason; to tune into the debacle that is called the English government. And I will shamelessly call it an English government for that is exactly what it is. Westminster is affectionately known as the mother of all parliaments – well this parliament should have been put out to pasture centuries ago. It is archaic with old relics still within, relics like Eton and Oxford educated Rees-Mogg, sprawled out over the front bench like some huge paperclip; much to the disgust of the Green Party’s Caroline Lucas who called out his behaviour and there was much nodding of heads as others agreed.

It really is a shambles. The people of England and Wales chose to leave the European Union, the people of Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to remain. This was never going to be easy, not with the European Union, once you are in that club, you are in that club. Ex-Prime Minister David Cameron pulled the pin out of a grenade threw it then walked away and left others to clear up the mess. The Referendum on whether or not to leave the EU was simply to shut up those Euro sceptics in the Conservative Party, now it looks as if it might destroy it. We have an unelected Prime Minister, who is having his strings pulled by an unelected bureaucrat.

Dominic Cummings, was appointed by Johnson to be special adviser to the government, so what exactly is his purview? What rights does this horrid little man have? He sacked a special adviser to Sajid Javid on the spot having accused her of leaking government secrets. Sonia Khan was then frogmarched from Downing Street by police. How can a mere bureaucrat wield such power? It looks like bumbling Boris is having his strings pulled by this man. When the press uses words like ‘feared enforcer’ to describe him, it really does tell us a lot about him. No bureaucrat should hold such power. If that is what he can do to those who work within the government, just think what he has in store for the public.

Scotland has a way out, if I have heard this once, I have heard it a dozen times. Yes, we do, therefore why aren’t we out yet? We are not out yet because there has not been a material change such as Scotland being dragged out of the European Union against the will of the Scottish people. However, there has been a material change in that, we have Johnson and Cummings in power and capable of anything. I was relieved somewhat that the first minister Nicola Sturgeon mentioned that she would like a referendum to be held this year. She wants the power for Holyrood to hold the referendum. Like that is going to happen. We need another plan and we need it as soon as possible. Still, at least Sturgeon is making the right noises, but that is all they are, noises. The SNP are still banging on about keeping the whole of the UK in a union only two parts want to be in. That is not democratic either. Therefore, I would suggest Blackford and co concentrate on the mandate the people of Scotland have given them. Or use the general election which is imminent to declare independence. I do understand that we are in a difficult situation as we have to get the rest of the world to recognise Scotland as an independent country, but, by god, surely the recognise that being part of this union is not working for us.

This is life in the UK, not pretty, and going to get a damn sight more unpleasant regardless if we are in the European Union or not.

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