What a historic day yesterday!

Who would have thought back in 2014 when the plea for the people of Scotland to stay and lead the UK that is exactly what we would do? And the fallout has been spectacular. I have never seen such a Brexiteer meltdown like it, well to be fair, there was the last one not so long ago and the one before that and the one before that. Yes, you get the gist.

As soon as Lady Hale gave the ruling of the 11 supreme judges both Brexiteers and the media went into shear chaos. They felt sure that the wee ‘pretendy’ Scottish judicial findings would not be upheld in the mighty English supreme court. What a wonderous sight it was to behold those infantile media sorts in complete shock. Eyes bulging out their face as the realisation that it was the Cherry Case that had won. Oh my god, they must have been on to their producer and editor asking for guidance on how to airbrush Joanna out of their bulletins. To be fair by tea time they had manage just that.

Can’t have those pesky Scots getting ideas above their station.

And now the fallout continues, my god, the judges are on the chopping block how dare they find that Johnson and his band of not so merry men unlawfully progued parliament. And how dare they bring wee Queenie into it. Although to be fair, wee Betty probably knew exactly what she was doing. I cannot believe her advisors would be so naïve. She knew what she was doing all right. It’s not the first time she has interfered. Mind you, I bet she wasn’t purring yesterday, she was probably hissing and spitting. Or perhaps not, as all this kafuffle takes the heat from the allegations facing her ‘favourite’ son. She was probably so relieved when Johnson called, she congratulated him for burying the story of Andrew and his relationship with Epstein.

A historical day yesterday that future historians will marvel over, and it will be appropriately named as The Last Days of the British Empire. When Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland said a final farewell to their masters and hopefully a final farewell to the relic that has reigned supreme over us. As a republican that is what had me smiling all day yesterday. Their Majesty’s finally realising that they are over. Time for Scotland to become a Republic, time for Queenie and her minions to be put out to pasture.

Twenty-fourteen, revenge is a dish best served cold. Stay and lead the UK. We did just that, and now we find those who were doing the begging are searching for ways to get shot of us, hopefully once and for all.

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