Would all those ‘Scottish Tories’ who hate Scotland please do one!

Why would you live in a place you hate, especially if you have the means by which to leave? I haven’t written anything in a few days, not because there is nothing happening, but because I just sat back and soaked in the anti-Scottish atmosphere.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I have had enough of the Scottish Tories. I have no idea why they are even here. They obviously hate the place. We now have that wee oaf Jackson Carlaw casually informing his party that they are to fall into line behind their masters in London. Carlaw who believes a no deal Brexit would be catastrophic for Scotland is now actively seeking a ‘no deal brexit’ how’s that for loyalty to us? Party before country, that is how it has always been and how it will remain. Then there is that wee nyaff Andrew Bowie who wants our beautiful Edinburgh back in the grubby hands of his English Elitist peers? And if that’s not bad enough, the unelected Prime Minister wants to see our elected First Minister Nicola Sturgeon locked out of the talks on Climate Change coming to Glasgow next year. Yeah, Johnson, good luck with that. I mean it’s Nicola you’re dealing with. We all saw you running away from her and us. There is a saying we used to say when we were children in the 7o’s ‘All talk, no action’ said about someone who shouts their mouth off to make themselves look big.

Rotten to the absolute core, who in their right mind would have voted for such a bunch of absolute charlatans? Imagine getting rid great politicians like Stuart Donaldson and replacing them with this bunch. When the result came in, they were supposed to be the voice of Scotland in Westminster; if anything, they have been the voice against Scotland. They have been the voice of doom and gloom for Scotland, the voice of ‘everything is bad in Scotland’ The SNP are doing a shit job up here in Scotland, where nothing can be further from the truth. To witness how they ingratiate themselves to their elitist Tory peers, makes me sick to my stomach.

I kid you not, these halfwits believe we don’t have internet up here or are so far back down in our boxes and are too busy watching ‘Love-bloody-island’ to care that they are actively working against each and every one of us; well not each and every one. There are the ole Tories who think Scotland is shite in equal measure but some of them can be forgiven for “they know not what they do.” to quote some geezer who was nailed to a cross. And there are those, elite morons who own half of the Scottish Highlands, land stolen from our ancestors long ago. Who do not want a free Scotland or a Constitution because it may affect their way of life, you know, the reversal of Robin Hood, take from the poor and give to the rich? Least wee Robbie had the right idea, although I am not suggesting we take from the rich and give to the poor. Just make things fair. Or in other words. Get the rich to pay their damn taxes.

To return to those who hate our country, who are telling us that we are a region, and insisting we are a territory. Get tae yon place. We are a country, this is a union between two countries. Brought about by powerful elite and stolen from right under the noses of our ancestors. There should be no room in Scotland for those who hate living here. For those who would seek to damage our economy beyond repair, and those who would seek to line their own pockets. Time for all unionist parties to fuck off. It’s time we put our foot down, no party registered in England should stand candidates in Scotland. If your party is registered in England, then it will always be England first, Scotland later, or rather, not at all. Time to put Scotland first before any party and that goes for every party; not just the Tories.