Scotland deserves better – yes we do!

With the SNP conference due to take place this week, one wonders if the hierarchy are actually going to address the elephant in the room. The question of another referendum on independence, what we have gotten so far is endless sound bites and carrot dangling.

 Memories of the endless well organised All Under one Banner Marches and Rallies draw to a close for another year, those who have taken part, myself included have been left wondering, just what the hell is going on? We are mere weeks away from crashing out of the European Union and we have no idea what we are to expect. All we know is, it is not going to be pleasant. Well no shit, Sherlock, it does not take a genius to know that. Everything and everyone is in limbo, and all we are hearing from those we put into Holyrood and sent down to Westminster is. “Scotland deserves better.” Yes we do, we deserve to be addressed with respect, not treated like children, told to go and play and let the grown-ups do the talking. We have been listening to the (so-called) grown ups talking for years, we have saw the grown ups swan off abroad, we have saw our elected representatives, (by no means all) put the people of England before the people of Scotland. We have bore witness to the SNP trying to save England from the Brexit they voted for. In fact, so much effort has gone into saving England that our representatives have forgotten who they are supposed to be representing. Is it any wonder some, like myself in the ‘yes’ movement are frustrated, we have saw independence being pushed onto the backburner, now it isn’t even on the bloody stove. Moreover, when we complain, what do our representatives do? They block us. Wow, just wow that tells you everything you need to know about the SNP hierarchy. They do not like descent. Just do what we tell you and forget that we are the party of independence.

 Those SNP MPs we sent to Westminster were supposed to settle up, not down. They are fighting hard, but for what cause, certainly not independence. Now we have Pete Wishart throwing his name into the ring to become Speaker of the House, although to be fair he has ruled himself out. Does that sound like someone who is there to settle up?

 The SNP are in danger of going the same way as Labour in Scotland, the people will not be dictated to, and we will not be treated as an nuisance either, for a party to close ranks and dismiss genuine concerns about their stance on independence by blocking people on social media is outrageous. If they are still the party of independence then they need to show it and fast. I am one of those who lent my vote to the SNP. I joined the party, granted I never stayed long, not after I realised it was party before people. That is what most parties are about, Party loyalty before anything else.

 The people need to see a real commitment to independence from the party of independence. We need to hear a realistic date of when the next independence referendum will take place and we need an alternative plan, such as the one Angus B MacNeil and his colleague put forward that is dismissed out of hand.

 We are not interested in all the glorious things the SNP have achieved, that is their job. They are the party of government therefore that is what I would have expected of them. I want a commitment to a referendum on independence, and I want a plan b if the section 30 is refused and be forewarned, it will be refused.

 Do the SNP really want independence, or have they abandoned that idea? It’s easy to keep repeating that Scotland deserves better than Westminster, but we deserve better than what we are getting from the SNP. Sort it out before you lose Holyrood, if people do not see a commitment on independence, then why would we vote for you?



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