Well today is the day we shall see if we have a deal or not. Either way, Scotland is screwed. But we know that already. The contempt shown to the people of Scotland has been outrageous, but sadly nothing knew, Scotland has always been a second thought to the psychotic elite. Scotland is that place that has oil to be squandered, that place where “a pound spent in Croydon is far better than a pound spent in Strathclyde” to quote that lying buffoon Johnson.

I must admit, I only lasted an hour of the debate. Watching Scotland’s representatives being degraded, and Scotland’s concerns being downplayed and to top it off that bimbo Kirstene Hair being held up as an example to how Scots should behave was just too much to bear.

For years Scotland have been ridiculed, our concerns ignored and the result of the 2014 referendum thrown in our faces. In other words, ‘Shut up Scotland, we allowed you to have your wee referendum, you voted no, now sit down and be quiet, the grown ups are talking. Only, the grown ups are not talking, the psychopaths are talking, the money grabbing f***-wits are talking. They have a deal and are looking forward to making each and everyone of us poorer. This deal is a race to the bottom. This deal will see what little working rights we have diminish before our very eyes. And our National Health Service sold off to the highest USA bidder. Our food standards, well don’t let me get started in them!

Is that really what those of us who voted leave voted for? I highly doubt it. Did we vote to reduce immigration, well perhaps in England they did, those whom I know who voted leave did so because we could see what the European Union was becoming. A Fascist State, doing deals in secret, remember TTIP – the deal the EU were doing in secret, where our representatives were being given access but were ordered to leave their phones behind and could not take notes. And could not tell the public. Wow, yes, that is what we are leaving. And now we have the EU openly talking about an EU Army, what next? An EU Police force? We have fascist Spanish police running around having the time of their lives, beating unarmed demonstrators in Catalonia who only want what is best for their country.

I have witnessed Spanish police drive their vans at high speed into the crowd knocking down and seriously injuring two; THAT IS NOT POLICING, THAT IS TERRORISM! I have seen several plain clothes police terrorise a young girl and lead her away, where is she? Does anyone even know where they have taken her? I witnessed a journalist being led away; I have witnessed police charge a crowd, and close in on one person, not quick enough to their feet. I saw the results of rubber bullets that were fired into the crowd. And most disturbing of all, a man with a baby in his arms having to flee these psychotic b*******, where is the condemnation of the European Union? Where is the condemnation of the United Nations? The Catalans human rights are being violated, unless Spain did not sign up to European Convention on Human Rights, which wouldn’t surprise me in the least. Spain is a Rogue State, so what is the European Union going to do, wait until they start killing people? They cannot condemn the USA while turning a blind eye to the atrocities being committed in Catalonia by Spain.  EU Army and possible EU Police Force; that is ultimate centralisation; I don’t know why the hell anyone would want to join the European Union. Yes, it has its uses, but its faults outweigh them. I want Scotland to be an independent country. Right now, Westminster poses more of a threat than the European Union. But rest assured I am not their biggest fan either.

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    I read this last month about an EU army https://fullfact.org/online/EU-army-conscription-September-2019/ and hope it’s true. I have friends from Catalonia and they are annoyed by the EU’s lack of action but they think that the UK is crazy to leave. They marched yesterday in Barcelona and thankfully didn’t come across any nastiness. Once we’re independent I’m not sure if I want the EU or EFTA type of alliance but after spending three months driving through Europe earlier this year freedom of movement was a blessing.


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