Scotland has no role in the deal!

“Scotland has no role in the deal” smirks Boris Johnson! Scotland has played no role in anything since we handed power back to the psychopaths in Westminster. In fact, Scotland has been the butt of everyone’s jokes since September 2014. As soon as that ‘No’ vote was secured, the elitist English MP’s thought Scotland was theirs to do with as they wished; and they wish us to speak when we are spoken to. Much in the same way as children should be seen and not heard.

As the last days before we leave the European Union beckon, Scotland is in peril, ignored; ridiculed and side-lined. We have a choice to make. Do we sit and watch this shit-show play out, or do we stand up and be counted? We can no longer wait for the Scottish National Party to act. I have no idea what the plan is, 2020 says “The autumn Nicola Sturgeon” Surely, she cannot be serious, a referendum in late 2020. Johnson is already making noise about rolling back the devolution settlement. I have been warning we may lose Holyrood for months and today they seem to come to fruition. Is it any wonder the Tories are sniggering and sneering?

The Scotland Office has been renamed and is now known as the UK Government in Scotland. Everything is being rebranded with a great big union F****** Jack. Our identity is being eroded. And although there are those of us wide awake to the shenanigans of the British State; there are still the ‘soap loving, football loving, dance loving’ public who care not a jot about what’s going on or how it will affect their lives.

They are the very people who do not like change, who are perfectly happy to turn a blind eye to the atrocities being met out to their fellow citizens; all the while pointing the finger at ‘immigrants taking their jobs, or coming over here for free health care’ they have no concept of how utterly thick they sound. Especially when asked if they had taken their job, no is the answer. Or when asked for proof of immigrants coming for their free health care. The BBC, or Daily Mail is quoted. Honestly, they are a walking talking copy of the main stream media. Totally manipulated into thinking a certain way; if they had to think for themselves their brain would explode.

It is all one big gigantic mess, and now thanks to the ‘red’ Tories Johnson has his deal and intends to leave the EU on the 31st October. We in the yes movement should be ecstatic at the prospect. For it means The First Minister can use the mandate given to her by the people of Scotland. But will she? That is the question? She intends to ask for a section 30. Well good luck getting Johnson to agree to that. My only hope is that the Scottish National Party has a plan to get the country out of this mess. If not, be prepared to stand up for the country, or if you’d rather sit and watch the soaps or the football, leave it to those of us who really do want independence.