Where will it end?

We have hit rock bottom. The United Kingdom is in crisis as never seen before. The peoples of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales have watched their wealth plummet as unscrupulous politicians dig deep into the pockets of those who can ill afford to have them raided. Austerity came about because of the mistakes of the rich and it has been the poor who have borne to brunt. 

The financial crash was always going to be borne by those who could protect themselves the least. By those who could not fight back and by those so beaten down by life that they just came to expect the hand dealt.

While corrupt politicians met in back rooms doing deals with lobbyists to transfer the wealth of the United Kingdom into their hand, the salt of the earth mobilised into action. With the rise of Foodbanks and a rise of in-work poverty, the people of the UK have taken a real hit financially. All the while their elitist politicians; those who are supposed to represent them are in bed with corporations, happy to give away the assets belonging to the people. If the price is right and if they get to dip their fingers in the Fracking pie. The public are still under the illusion that politicians work for them – they don’t and never have. If we are lucky, we get to put a little cross at the name of the candidate, not chosen by us but chosen by the party in which they represent. Is it any wonder they put party before the people?

Now we face another General Election, more lies and photo opportunities, more swanning around the UK pretending to care. All with their own agenda which does not include the public. Only the elite and big business.

This election is the most important for those of us in the independence movement. For it will send a big message to Westminster that Scotland have had enough. Of Labour, of Liberal Democrats, but most importantly of the Tories. We need to send down as many Scottish National Party MP’s as possible in order to send the message that Scotland does want another say on our future. But we must make sure the SNP are down there to settle-up not settle-down. No more trying to save England, they made their choice. They want to leave the European Union, and that is what they must do. However, Scotland voted a different way and must be permitted to have that chance. The constant dictating to the people of Scotland is not on. We are a valued part of this union but only when it suits. Well it does not suit over 50% of the population. And our voice must be heard. No more telling the people “Now is not the time.” No more telling us what we want and what we don’t want. We know by doing so the Tories project their wishes on us. Well we wish for you to be gone – forever.

We need out of this union before it destroys us for a second time. We need to pave our own path, will it be easy, no of course not. But that does not mean we have to remain in a corrupt union that has never worked for us.

One thing has become abundantly clear, the political bubble has burst. Politicians are facing the wrath of a public they have shafted for over 10 years. Shielded no more. This election will be interesting to say the least. The Unionist media and politicians are afraid of a public who have been politically educating themselves and have not liked what they have seen. We should not have Foodbanks in Scotland, when a mother cannot feed her children, when a father must rely on the generosity of strangers to help, then the time has come to change. The system is broken. The elite have ripped the wealth from the UK and handed it to their friends in big business. Time for the people to stand up, time to tell our representatives, put the people first or get out.




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