Leaders Debate, except for the peoples of Scotland!

I did not bother to tune into ITV’s Leaders Debate. It was essentially for those living in England who have a horse in the race for Number 10. That said, I did not have to watch the debacle to know what was being said. It was all over social media; with people taking to Twitter to air their views. And it was as I guessed it would be, an unfitted attempt at once again silence the voice of Scotland.

From what I have read last night, Nicola Sturgeon’s and independence was used as a football passed between the sell-out Jeremy Corbyn and the Proven Liar, Boris Johnson. This in my opinion was a deliberate act by the media to let the electorate in England know that Scotland would not be granted a section 30 order and that we matter not a jot to them. However, all  it did was incense still further those of us who are following this stance. Scotland is a bargaining chip. Who can shaft Scotland the most; it really is quite vile and the mere fact that these two were aided and abetted by a compliant media makes it even more so.

The Conservative and Unionist Party, or as we say in Scotland, the ‘Branch Office’ have been busy; not telling the electorate in Scotland their policies, although I think we are aware of what those are by now. The Tory Party Policy is to help the poor, the sick and the dying into an early grave. The policy of the Tory Party is to make you work until you actually drop dead; or as one Tory candidate put it, turf problem tenants out of their homes, give them a tent to sleep in, wake them at 6.30am to go and pick fruit; the worrying thing here, this crazy sod was not joking. This is what he said on social media. This is what these individuals think of us. What next, the workhouse? Where we can all walk down the street giving a rendition of little Oliver’s ‘Where is love’ is it any wonder that the Branch Office are quite to tell what the SNP plan to do, as what they are planning will have a detrimental affect on Scotland.

This is what awaits us, a Tory Government, intent on selling the National Health Service out from under us. A health Service that they have systematically brought to its knees for this precise purpose. It is not safe and never has been safe in their hands.  Our Scottish National Health Service which is under constant attack from the mainstream media. Who have no thought of those working within its walls, who attack it in order to score political points for their Tory Masters? Our SNHS out performs the rest of the UK but they cannot have that, therefore they must attack. Last time the recipient of those attacks was the then, Heath Secretary Shona Robinson whom they practically hounded out of her job. Now they are set on hounding Jeane Freeman out of hers. They really disgusting individuals, who answer to their bosses south of the border. They have no interest in Scotland and are happy to talk it down. They have no business being here and in an independent Scotland I will be glad to see the back of them.

December 12th will be interesting to say the least. The polls are all showing the Tories in the lead but remember, polls have been wrong before. That said, if they are correct, then you can rest assured Jo ‘push the button’ Swinson, who stated that she would be willing to annihilate millions of people in a nuclear attack will be only too glad to help her colleagues back into power, for Swinson is more Tory, than they are.



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