Leaders Debate: What a joke!

The mainstream media seem to be in a frenzy, this election is bubbling up nicely. We have had leaders’ debates, with only two leaders, a question and answer session from good ole Aunty Beeb, and the odious Andrew Neil’s interrogation of Sturgeon and Corbyn, which really has turned those who still watch away from viewing, Neil’s interviews in particular.

 The debate between Corbyn and Johnson had a Corbyn win, although if you go with certain polling sites and the mainstream media it was Johnson, which just goes to show that polls are not to be trusted. The following debate on the BBC with Fiona Bruce was nothing more than a question and answer session from the audience. First up Corbyn who gave bland easy answers to perfectly staged questions, really quite boring, until of course Bruce in her usual sickly sweet style went to the audience and by the look on her face you would have thought something had gone wrong with the carefully crafted BBC Question Time audience selection. Where no one but Tory, or Tory plants get to ask questions or respond to answers, there were several Scottish voices in Sheffield that evening, which seemed to throw presenter Bruce.

 Next to answer questions was First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon, ‘wee nippy’ ‘Jimmy Krankie’ for those who call her by those derogatory names, call her what you want, it makes no difference, she still gets the point across. Nicola was the best on the night, although to be fair she did not have much opposition. She answered every question with her usual flair, even suggested an audience member leave her details in order that she be contacted to give advice on how to tackle the drug crisis Scotland is facing, which left some on Twitter feeling sorry that they could not vote for the SNP. This has been happening a lot, much to the dismay of the media and those who actively hate Sturgeon and the SNP. Perhaps a reason that by Saturday, the First Minister had been erased from all highlights of the debate; is it any wonder the mainstream media are dying in Scotland.

 Jo Swinson got her arse handed to her on a plate, her immediate reaction was to throw mud at Corbyn, because Jo Swinson is a full blown Tory and would take her party into another coalition with them given half the chance. The Liberal Democrats, who are neither Liberal nor Democratic, do what is best for the party, party before people and Swinson did say she was going to be Prime Minister, perhaps like her predecessor Clegg; she has her eye on becoming Deputy PM. The smile was wiped from her face as her voting record was read to her. She possibly thought she was going to get an easy rid from that carefully picked audience. BBC really dropped the ball, that, or the public are becoming more savvy when filling out the online form to attend.

 Johnson for those who did not catch the Q and A session was laughed at, booed and jeered. Although you would not know this because the Tory supporting BBC edited it out in favour of applause, he then bumbled his way through a series of questions, giving nonsensical answers and that was it; finished.

 Did anyone really get any answers? I am not certain they did, it was a bit of a non-entity, a dude, a waste of taxpayers money. Moreover, the good ole Aunty Beeb frantically pushing the Johnson was great narrative. He was nothing of the sort. When the BBC that we pay for, have to doctor footage in favour of a candidate they want to win an election and journalists who champion his every move and every move of the Tory Party that broadcaster becomes more a mouthpiece for the State and less a mouthpiece for the people. The BBC is nothing more than an extension of the Tory Party.

 That said, it will be interesting to watch Andrew Neil and what style of interview he will use on Johnson, both Sturgeon and Corbyn came under that cosh of Neil when interviewed recently, the aggressive style of interview is a huge turn off for the viewing faithful. An elderly neighbour when asked what they thought of the interview responded with “Och, I don’t know why they bother turning up, they can’t get a word in to answer him, I just switched off, it was so annoying.”

 Neil responding to someone in a tweet defending Corbyn, said he interrupted because Corbyn wasn’t answering, yes he really did say that. How can someone answer when they are being constantly interrupted? Is there a place for this type of interview? It certainly seems to be keeping the public from enjoying it. Although some were, like ex Scottish Leader Ruth Davidson, who gloated on twitter about what a ‘doing’ (Scottish word for beaten up). The First Minister had received at the hands of Neil. At least Nicola Sturgeon turned up, Davidson on the other hand, used to go into hiding to avoid difficult questions, not that there would be, not with her peers in charge of the interview.

 Not sure when the buffoon which is Boris is scheduled to be grilled by Neil, or not grilled, depends on the remit Neil is given by his BBC ‘Tory’ bosses in London, one thing is for sure, he will get an easier ride than that of his counterparts.