Vote Wisely, vote to save the NHS…

We are merely hours away from knowing if the psychotic Tories will be in power and if the liar that is Boris Johnson still has the keys to number 10. The media have been falling over themselves in who can tweet the best made up lie. Right now, it is Peston and the Johnson ‘fan-girl’ herself Laura Kuenssberg. Both could not wait to tweet out the absolute lie regarding the commotion outside a hospital in Leeds where a toddler had to lain on coats the floor as there were no beds available. Is it any wonder people were angrily protesting outside of the hospital?


What emerged from the video released on social media later was not what these two so-called journalists tweeted. What emerged on the film was an irate man on his bicycle airing his views on Tory Matt Hancock’s visit to the hospital. Where a ‘Tory’ aide walked into his outstretched hand and was NOT punched as these two had tweeted earlier. Baloney, dressed up as fact. You really could not make it up. Also reported on social media, those outside were Labour activists, they were not. They were members of the public, angry at a child sleeping on the floor of a hospital deliberately underfunded by uncaring Tory politicians; so out of touch they wonder why they are being yelled at in the street.  Both Kuenssberg and Peston relied on Tory sources which turned out to be Tory spin. That is the state of the mainstream media. And as if that was not disgusting enough. There then was a concerted effort to discredit the local paper, and journalist who broke the story in the first place by posting the exact same tweet on social media.

The National Health Service is under threat!

If OUR National Health service is sold and American Style system put in its place, then we really will know all about it. First, it will not be free at the point of use. What you will receive is what your insurance company decides to pay for. Gaining access to a system that could and would bankrupt you.

Don’t believe me, believe those who have lived with it:

Jon Garfield @_Jongarf said: “Here in the US 500,000 people go bankrupt from medial costs each year, including 42% or cancer patients.”

Forty-two percent of cancer patients. Just let that sink in for a minute. Cancer patients that includes children. I have been following a young father on twitter whose baby son has just passed away, he had to beg people for financial help. There are many great people in the world. Those who put profit before patients, especially children should be ashamed of themselves. They won’t be because they are incapable of feeling shame.

Kara Jenne @Kara-Jenne – Twitter: “As an American, you don’t want our healthcare, inhalers are $150-450 which insurance can be 40-80 co-pays even medicare has copays now. Don’t ever get cancer, some people sell their homes to pay for treatment there are lot of us are fighting to get better healthcare.”

Vic refereeing to how much an ambulance ride is in the US @Ablue5111on twitter says: “I can attest to this, I had a motorcycle accident when I lived in the US. Took an ambulance that alone was $1000 to go a couple of miles, the ER was about $20,000 without insurance. I hand insurance through work, even then I had to pay around $2000 with deductibles.”

With the poverty wages we are paid in the UK, is there any of us that would have a spare $3000 lying around. And what would that be in pounds?


Cheryl @Acclay joined in: “I was sick for months with recurring kidney infections. My insurer, Aetna refused docs orders for a CT scan $1,500, we appealed. Scan revealed huge [Stone] in Kidney that required surgery $5K.

Tomorrow we have one job to do. That is to make sure the greedy corporates keep the hell away from our Scottish National Health Service. They do not see us as people, they see us as profit making machines, especially when sick. They even apply this to sick and dying children.

The National Heath Service is devolved to the Scottish Parliament and is the best in the UK. although it does have its problems. We have had almost ten years of austerity remember.

We are at a crossroads, a fork in the road. Scottish Labour sold this country out when they moved to the right to appeal to ‘middle’ England. We gave them our loyalty for over seventy years and they threw it back in our faces. The Tory party destroyed this country in the 1980’s and 1990’s. No self-respecting person who lived through the Thatcher era should let them back into power. The Liberal Democrats are not democratic. They support another referendum on Brexit, but not one on independence. Have a look at their voting record in Westminster, have a look at how many times the Scottish Tories whom Ruth Davidson assured the people of Scotland were going down to put Scotland first, they did not. They put their party first and Scotland second. They do not represent us.

Tomorrow ask yourself which party most represented you in Westminster? The Tories, or the Scottish National Party? Before going to the polling station, look yourself in the mirror, and as yourself, can I in all honesty vote for a party that have committed human rights abuses against the most vulnerable citizens in the United Kingdom? Do I believe the Tories when they say the NHS is not on the table? These are money grabbing ‘I’ll sell my granny if it makes me a few bob’ politicians. Who crave power more than they crave money; but mostly do not give a damn about the public? Remember the media also have an agenda and that is to help big corporations. There job is to create propaganda nonsense that the public will swallow hook line and sinker.

The BBC and ITV journalists were caught out on a lie, some say they were played, and that may be the case but if so, then there are played daily. Trust in the media is at rock bottom. The public have awoken. And that is why the BBC is in rescue mode. There are still some journalists who adhere to their journalist code of honour. The mainstream, well that code of honour is very hard to find.

I am not going to tell you who to vote for tomorrow, but just remember, how you vote will have lasting consequences for some.