SNP landslide

Thursday saw the people of Scotland hand Nicola Sturgeon yet another mandate to hold another referendum on Scottish Independence. No matter how the ‘right-wing’ mainstream media try to play it, Thursday saw the people of Scotland sent a great big message to the media and unionists politicians.

The Conservative and Unionist Party sent a clear message to the people of Scotland, “Dec 12 Use Your Vote To STOP INDYREF2”

Jackson Carlaw tweeted:

“Today [Thursday] is the last chance to stop indyref2”

“Do you want to wake up tomorrow [Friday] morning to two more referendums endless delay and further uncertainty? If not, then there is only one choice for you”

“Vote Scottish Conservative and Unionist #GE2019”

“Tomorrow [Thursday] the Union is on the ballot paper. Across Scotland the only party that can stop Nicola Sturgeon’s plan for #indyref2 is @ScotTories”

“This election is still on a knife edge – lend us your vote tomorrow and tell her again and end this division”

Carlaw, pictured pushing his postal vote into the post box and again out side a polling station suggested he committed electoral fraud by voting twice, only to clarify that he was a proxy voter, or whatever it was. Mr Jackson grates on my nerves so much I have him blocked on twitter. I had to unblock him to read what guff he tweeted in the run up to the election. He is back to being blocked again, as are many Scottish Tories because of the way they treat those of us in the ‘Yes’ movement whom they believe are all nationalists. Where nothing can be further from the truth; we are merely citizens of this country sick and tired of, being talked down to by unionist media and unionist politicians who indecently talk down our country and its people.

The First Minister campaigned on the two issues facing the country, the issue of Brexit and the damage that will do to Scotland and Independence. In 2017, the Scottish National Party seemed to shy away from the message of Independence and suffered a heavy defeat, this time round, Independence was almost front and centre, almost. Nicola Sturgeon has a mandate from the people of Scotland; Stop Brexit and Independence.

The 2016 manifesto on Scotland’s future states:

“We believe that the Scottish Parliament should have the right to hold another referendum if there is clear and sustained evidence that independence has become the preferred option of a majority of the Scottish People – or if there is a significant and material change in circumstances that prevailed in 2014, such as Scotland being taken out of the EU against our will.”

The Unionist Media and Unionist Politicians will deny the SNP has a mandate simply because they did not get a majority of seats in Holyrood. However, the electoral system in the Scottish Parliament is designed never to have a majority. They do have the largest share of MSPs and together with the independence supporting Green Party, there is a majority of independence supporting MSPs.

There is no denying the mandate given to the First Minister in this election, forty-eight SNP MP’s are on their way to Westminster to Stop Brexit, and to put the question of Independence back to the people of Scotland, of course the right-wing press are smiling with glee as they tell the people of Scotland, under the guise of telling the First Minister that we cannot have a referendum; a simple case of ‘get back in your box Scotland’ There is only so much of this the people will take.

Support for independence fluxuates at between 49% and 51% the more Johnson, his cronies in Westminster and the right-wing, press deny democracy, then support for independence will skyrocket. There is only so much of this idiocy we will take. The people of Scotland are sovereign. It is our right, not Nicola Sturgeon’s, not is it, Boris Johnson, or the right-wing press. It is not even the right of Her Magesty the Queen. It is the right of the people. Scotland is a co signatory to this union. The Unionists like to forget. It is a union between two countries. Scotland and England.

The people of Scotland have given the Scottish National Party yet another mandate. Yet this one seems more poinient, because it was a choice between two unions, that of the European Union, or the Union with the United Kingdom, which is not a union in anyway shape of form. It was a takeover of one country by its bigger neighbour.

The next few months are going to be fraught with danger. England elected the most right-wing Government ever seen upon these shores; even worse than Thatcher.

Holyrood is now in peril, there is nothing to stop Johnson and his cronies from closing it down. They have the renamed UK Government in Scotland ready to go. This government is a danger to Scotland and her people. A government not voted for or wanted. We need out of this union and fast. My only hope is that Nicola Sturgeon has a plan B. Because Plan A doesn’t look like its going to work. Mind you, it never did in the first place. I fear the SNP have plans to put in their mandate of 2021 Holyrood election the right to hold a referendum. They have a clear mandate now. I fear the Scottish Parliament will have ceased to function by 2021.

Well done England, those who put this heinous government in power messed up spectaculary. Sympathy for those South of the border who did not want a Tory government but Scotland choice a different path, whatever happens next is anyone’s guess. One thing is certain it will be the people who will suffer.