Twenty-twenty, what will it bring? Independence for Scotland?

Fresh from December’s General Election, the new intake of fresh-faced SNP MPs entered the Parliament of England for what some in Scotland are hoping will be the last time. The people gave them yet another mandate.

That is, how many now?


What will twenty-twenty bring? Another referendum on Scottish independence? I jolly well hope so but will not hold my breath. For no sooner were the SNP installed in the Parliament of England than they started preaching to those who put them there.

I am rather fed up being talked down to by those I gave a vote to. Having my vote does not mean our MPs can lecture us. Especially as most in the ‘yes’ movement have not stopped campaigning, not stopped talking to our friends and neighbours. Therefore, Alyn Smyth and Pete Wishart, wind your neck in. I am sick listening to you, and I do not think I am the only one.

I said we were at a crossroads, well we the people in the movement have chosen, I am not sure however, just what the SNP are going to do when that section 30 order they so crave is not given. While the SNP are moaning and groaning about the government of England’s inaction on the section 30 order, that same government will be making plans to rid Holyrood of the devolved powers it already has. We could see fracking, our NHS will be sold to big Pharma our resources, built up since Thatcher destroyed it in the 1980’s and the Conservatives continued with the decline during the 1990’s. Until right-wing ‘Tory’ Blair came to power and pushed further debt onto the public with the ‘New Labour’ PFI’s. All that the people of Scotland built will be sold off to the highest billionaire corporate company.

The government of England have a free rein, given to them by the good people of England, a government hellbent on destroying the lives of the most vulnerable, the old and infirm, the sick. More and more children will be pushed into poverty because of the greed of those who care not a jot for the public.

And now we have threat of war, not just any war, war with Iran. Who last night threatened to strike any country from which the USA launch a strike; this is a new tactic, it is all well and good assassinating Generals but this has a consequence for those of us living in a bubble, where war in the Middle East, is just that, war in a far off land; well it’s not. Not when the USA have military basis all over the place.

We need to get out of this union with England, a union the people of Scotland did not want. A union thrust upon us by selfish money grabbing elite. We need out and we need out now.

Glasgow will be the place to be on Saturday, All Under One Banner have organised an emergency march. Those of us who can attend must show, not only the government of England but also our SNP that we mean business and will not stand for any more platitudes. No more talking down to us, no more lecturing us. We gave you our vote, now do your job.