If a section 30 is not granted – what then?

The festive season is well and truly over and so are the pleasantries of what I will refer to as the English Parliament. Westminster has always served the people of England – well those selfish morons who vote for them. (I make no apology for calling them selfish) because that is what they are. They serve only themselves and their needs and have no empathy whatsoever, with anyone else. The ‘I’m alright jack’  ‘my life’s fine’ brigade have always put their needs above all others. Well there will come a time when their world will come crashing down round about their ankles, and it will be sooner, rather than later.

The election in December last year saw this heinous government returned with massive majority intent on getting Brexit done. No sooner have they returned after their Christmas break that Jacob Rees-Mogg talked about increasing their holiday entitlement at the expense of the taxpayer. Their sense of entitlement knows no bounds.

They are laughing at us.

The Tories are not in power to benefit the public. They are in power for the benefit of their millionaire and billionaire chums, aided and abetted by a compliant media. Especially the aptly named BCBC; The Conservative Broadcasting Corporation, that extort money from every household in the United Kingdom; as if that’s not bad enough we have all the Tory propaganda thrust upon us and have to pay for the privilege.

Scotland chose a different path, yet, once again, we have to put up with an English government and English MPs. A Prime Minister who is a proven liar, and who it is alleged supplied the address of a journalist so that a friend could have him beaten up, note Johnson was not the one who wanted the person beaten, but he was happy to supply the address. This is the Prime Minister of England. For he is most certainly not the Prime Minister of Scotland unless you are a selfish moron who believes everything they read in the tabloid press or watch on the BCBC and let us not forget, STVs role in this. They have become just as compliant where talking down Scotland is concerned; both broadcast media have gotten this down to a fine art.

I make no apology for calling out Tory voters. You are the most selfish people I have ever came across, especially those who lived through the Thatcher years and were exploited under the endless employment schemes, where the youth were used as cheap labour and three generations of a family were thrown onto the scrapheap of life as the mines and steal works closed down.

The Secretary of State for Scotland Alister Jack, talked on Sunday of not permitting an independence referendum. Jack would rather the people of Scotland lived under the Tory regime; he does not care how we voted. The Tories were truly rejected in Scotland last year. The SNP have umpteen mandates but that does not matter to Jack and his fascist friends as long as the people remain under the jackboot of austerity so that Jack and his chums can make their millionaire and billionaire masters even richer.

There will come a time when we will have to chose, the political class are not going to do it for us. Very soon, we will find if those who are marching are really for independence or just like the idea of it. I look around the world, France, Hong Kong, etc. The people are crying out for change. Scotland will have to choose sooner rather than later.

The Conservative Government are not going to grant that section 30 order, therefore another route will have to be found. I am not sure what form that will take but in the meantime, these psychopaths will continue their state murder of the most vulnerable, they will continue with their human rights abuses and remember, the rights we have now, are to be ripped up and be replaced with a Bill or Rights. God only knows what that will entail.

There is talk about undermining the Scottish Parliament, therefore anything the Scottish Government passes could be changed at a moments notice by this Tory regime; the time is coming for the people of Scotland to decide. Independence is not something that will be handed to you on a plate all tied up with a nice ribbon. It is something the people of Scotland will have to fight for; whether that is through the ballot box or not, remains to be seen. The English Government are not going to hand their source of income over, and the SNP hierarchy have in my opinion, miscalculated the mood. People have already reminded them of their obligation. They are down in the English Parliament to settle up, not settle down and no amount of reminding the Tories that they have a mandate given to them by the people will wash; mandates mean nothing to this fascist regime.

The next weeks will be interesting, Scotland are about to be taken out of the European Union against the will of the people of Scotland and are expected to like it or lump it. If a section 30 order is not granted what then?