Defend Democracy

Friday saw people gather outside the Scotland Office to defend democracy and Scotland’s right to choose.

Math Campbell 2
Picture credit Math Campbell

A chilly afternoon saw supporters of independence gather outside the Scotland Office on Melville Crescent in the West End of Edinburgh. The impromptu protest came in the wake of the English Prime Minister’s refusal of a section 30 order requested by Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. The theme of the protest according to Gerry Mulvenna, who was covering the event for Independence Live, was “To shine a light on the dark days of democracy that we are experiencing in Scotland.”

The small group swelled as darkness fell and the candlelight Virgil began, a well organised display of tea-lights flickered the word ‘yes’ on the grey stone steps.

The union the English government profess to love so much could not be further apart, while the people of Scotland wish to remain part of the European Union. The people of England want to leave it all behind and go off on their own. Scotland  was told the only way to remain in the EU was to vote no in the 2014 Scottish referendum.

I am sure this is only the start of the protests, the people of Scotland have for too long taken what the English Government dished out, now that we are biting back they do not like it. Expect more rubbish about the failure of the SNP, expect more garbage from BBC Reporting Scotland and expect more untruths from the unionist parties.

Support for independence is growing, time for cool heads but we must keep the pressure on the SNP. The First Minister said her preferred option was to hold a referendum in 2020, not 2021, 2022, 2023. We are mere days away from being taken out of the European Union against the will. This is happening because we are part of a union. A union the people of Scotland never wanted and a union that has never worked for us.

Let us await the First Minister’s response to the refusal, which she said would be by the end of this month, let us see what she has to say before we contemplate our next move.