‘Beat’ independence out of the Scots!

The race to be the next Labour leader is definitely on.

After their crushing defeat in December last year, the browbeaten Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has decided enough is enough. How he could fight an election and deal with the backstabbers in his party, not to mention the horrendous media attacks is beyond anyone’s comprehension. The knives were out; sharp and wounding, the minute Mr Corbyn became leader of the party. A party that has moved so far to the right, they may as well sit next to the Tories.

Now the race is on to see which of the front runners can outrage the people of Scotland the most. For Labour it is simple, Scotland does not matter, because the party who for over seventy years could weigh the votes have found themselves on the wrong side of a politically awake nation. Now they are lucky if they get any votes at all. December saw their number of MPs reduced to one, the odious Ian Murray who seems to have talking down Scotland to a fine art.

Equally odious, is the MP for Wigan, Lisa Nandy, who in an interview with BBC’s Andrew Neil said in reference to dealing with those seeking independence. “We should look to other countries where they have had to deal with divisive nationalism…in places like Catalonia.” In other words, Nandy would be very happy to see Scots have their heads bashed in by state police. Alternatively, our representatives arrested and thrown in jail, or spending the rest of their lives in exile.

What type of person must Nandy be to contemplate such action? Where state police beat peaceful protesters to a pulp, where vans driven at high speed to disperse those demonstrators’ two of which were seriously injured as they failed to flee from their path. The last time that happened, they called it terrorism.

Nandy, took to twitter to quell Scots outraged by her words, words not aimed directly at the people of Scotland, no, Nandy was playing to her English audience, which seems to have worked as she is still in the running for the Labour leadership.

We can only hope that if Nandy does become Leader of the ‘red’ Tories, Scotland will be an independent nation and therefore will not have Nandy or her views imposed on us.