I really don’t know what the hell to say…

The Scottish National Party stressed that independence will only be achieved when the majority of people in Scotland want it to happen. “The Parliament should have the right to hold another referendum if there is ‘clear and sustained evidence’ that independence has become the preferred option of a majority of the Scottish people – or there is a ‘significant material’ change in circumstances, such as Scotland being taken out of the EU against its will.

 Scotland has removed from the European Union without the consent for the people of Scotland. We knew it would happen, we are not complacent, the UK was leaving, as that is what England want, and what they want they get. What I did not expect to happen yesterday was Nicola Sturgeon, having moved her ‘big announcement’ to Friday, to stand there and tell the people what she has told us for years. What I did not expect was more carrot dangling. Her preferred plan of going cap in hand to our partner in this union to meekly ask permission to leave, not after the humiliation of having the Prime Minister of England tell her ‘no’ the first time. “This is not sustainable.” She cries – well yes it is, all Boris Johnson need to is say no. and in the meantime the very powers to hold a referendum will be snatched back to Westminster, along with powers over fracking; education;  health; well pretty much everything. Holyrood will be closed, not straight away; they would not dare to that, although sometimes I wonder.

 The First Minister has no plan B and her plan A will not work either. She has let the country down. While she was running around playing the big ‘I am’ collecting her accolades, Westminster was putting the plan to take back devolution into action and now that we have been removed from the EU there is nothing to stop Johnson and his cronies grabbing power back. That means, no more SNHS; no more free education; no more personal care for the elderly; no more workers rights; and worst of all, no more human rights. This from a party found guilty of Human Rights abuses against the disabled does not bare thinking about.

 I did not hear The First Minister’s speech until I returned from work, however, the meltdown on twitter was enough for me to realise that Nicola had once again dangled the carrots. There is nothing new. If a majority of those who live in Scotland cannot see we would be better off as an independent country, whether that be within the EU or not, then they will never be convinced. Those who are undecided, yes of course there is a chance of persuading them. This cautious approach is dangerous; they will not be convinced until they know there is a day upon which they must decide. Until then they will remain undecided.

 There were those like myself, who aired our views on social media last evening and possibly upset the SNP faithful, I make no apology for that, however to have my views dismissed as me not being a proper supporter of independence is ridiculous. We have a perfect right to air our views, if you do not like them tough; time to see the bigger picture, there is a lot at stake here, if we do not get out of the union then it is game up. Nicola’s plan A is not working, all Johnson has to do is keep saying no until he has disabled Holyrood and taken devolution back to Westminster and brought us back under direct Tory rule. Holyrood election, 2021 forget it, not going to happen. There is too much at stake, England need Scotland’s assets for their brexit negotiations, I do not profess to have the answers. We should have been out of this union long ago, there is no point shifting blame. We should never have been in it in the first place.

 Am I more calm this morning, not on your nelly, I am just getting started.