Media Meltdown over the QueensFerry Bridge shutdown!

The meltdown was quite spectacular; I have never seen anything like it. It was as if they just could not wait to bring all that bad news to us. A bridge shutdown due to adverse weather conditions is something rare – not.

Yes, that is the state of play in the ‘old’ media, instead of reporting the closure of a bridge they had to make it seem like it was the end of the world. Bridges close; it happens, get over yourselves.

What passes as journalism nowadays is really quite farcical, not much thought goes into it at all. Is any wonder both print and broadcast media are dying. The latest in the ‘Scotland is shite’ saga’ is news that Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP cannot control the weather.

Monday saw Ciara storm her way onto the shores of the ‘not’ so United Kingdom. In a hail of rain, ice and snow motorists found roads blocked, bridges closed. But it was the new QueensFerry Crossing that was to garner the most attention from old media and unionist politicians alike. You could almost see them scramble across their desk to look out of the window and marvel at the sight of the bridge closure. Their mouths salivating at the thought of putting pen to paper, or fingers running over their keyboard in and attempt to inform us of how bad it was that a delivery driver could not cross the bridge to drop off the holiday home he was hauling. Or disgruntled Britnat ‘rangers’ fan Malcolm Brown who tweeted:

“QUEENSFERRY CROSSING CLOSED, southboard (I’m sure he meant southbound but who knows). Dear @NicolaSturgeon while you are swanning about Brussels yer bride is shut southbound…as is Forth Road Bridge.
Can’t build Ferries
Can’t build hospitals
Can’t build bridges”

Correct me if I am wrong but I was unaware Ms Sturgeon build anything. I thought she was First Minister of Scotland. She is not an engineer, people should really think before they tweet, then they shall not come across of being – well; daft.

The QueensFerry Crossing was not the only Bridge to succumb to the severe weather conditions. The Severn Crossing closed in both directions; Orwell Bridge in Suffolk, also closed in both directions; Woodhead Bridge and the Ouse Bridge also closed.

Was their a backlash from the English based media? Perhaps yes, perhaps no, but one thing is for sure. It would not have been as spectacular as our media. They have a knack of being completely outrageous. Is it any wonder people are turning away when all they are bombarded with is negativity? Hopefully, the storm is almost over and the ‘old’ media will calm the hell down until the next time.

Jeez-oh, adverse weather closes bridges, it happens.