Coronavirus: What it might mean for the AUOB Marches

Is the outbreak of the Coronavirus a convenient way for governments around the globe to curtail unrest, or the right to protest or the right to march?



The cynic in me thinks the outbreak of the Coronavirus may be a convenient way for Governments to put an end to the civil unrest that has been sweeping the globe. France (ongoing) Italy (2019) Netherlands (2018) Philippines (2019) China (2017) USA, Chile, Hong Kong, and of course the United Kingdom. Have all seen a rise in civil unrest of people, fed up with the resume. However, it is Scotland that concerns me.

News of two more cases reported in Scotland bringing the total to three. With our marching season about to begin could this have a detrimental affect on our right to march, our right to gather in a public place and of course, our right to protest? The people of Scotland are on the march and have been for some time. With thousands and thousands taking to the streets from highlands of Scotland to the lowlands we ask: Will the outbreak in Scotland of the Coronavirus have an impact on these marches? Is this the governments weapon against civil unrest? Against Scotland’s right to choose?

washinng hands

Now we have the NHS leaflet, catch it (tissue) bin it (put it in the bin) Kill it (throw tissue away). The media has been in meltdown since the outbreak in China, I am in no way downplaying this, it is serious, however, I believe this is a convenient way for unscrupulous governments to contain their citizens. Especially with civil unrest sweeping the globe. The global release of a wee pandemic is a great way to curtail people into not protesting, or not marching.

Perhaps I am jut being my cynical self and this pandemic is the result of the deadly virus leaking out from the lab, either way it is a gift for governments everywhere. To those who have contracted it I say, get well soon. To everyone else, I say, stay safe and take care.