Don’t You Dare!

It would seem that Ms Spear has her Twitter account set to allow only those she deems fit to comment on her tweets, something disconcerting from members of the public who would I am sure like to question her.

Last night saw the First Minister of Scotland send out several angry-felt tweets condemning those in the ‘yes movement’ who dare to questions her party. This came after a day in which those in the movement called out the candidate Rhiannon Spear.



It would seem that Ms Spear has her Twitter account set to allow only those she deems fit to comment on her tweets, something disconcerting for members of the public who I am sure like to question her.

Why would someone go to such drastic lengths to protect herself? Is she being abused? Or could it be that Ms Spear just does not want to be scrutinised. It would seem by Sturgeon’s reaction that she has the ear of the First Minister who tweeted this:

“And on the subject of calling it out even when it’s on my own ‘side’, disagree with @RhiannonV as much as you like, but leave out the misogynistic abuse..”

To what misogynistic abuses does Sturgeon refer? I saw none, what I witnessed was disgruntled people calling out Ms Spear; am I saying she does not receive abuse? Of course I am not. What I am calling out is Sturgeon’s selective help.

Sturgeon’s twitter rant continued:

“And to my fellow ‘old timers’ in politics – we should have the backs of those who are not as inured to it as we are, and call out abuse on here when we see it, even when it’s from our own ‘side’. Disagreement is what democracy is all about – vile, toxic abuse is not.”

Where was the First Minister when two of her colleagues were suffering unprecedented levels of abuse? Where were her twitter RANTS when Joanna Cherry and Joan McAlpine were being attacked. What is so special about Spear that The First Minister of Scotland had to intervene?

Sturgeon opened a great big can of worms in tweeting those, perhaps she did not get the comments she was after if Terry Ann G is anything to go by:

As previously stated, what is so special about Spear that the First Minster felt she had to protect her?

Spear as far as I am aware has been called out by the founding members of Generation X as it is alleged she stated she was indeed the founding member. The statement has incensed many but there must be something more to this. As stated by Myers above, Sturgeon has refused to talk about anything other than Covid-19.. And this from Mr Malky:

Now we may be getting somewhere, is Spears part of the ‘self identify’ Campaign that the SNP seem hellbent on. That said, I could not care less what anyone self identify  as; they could identify as a wardrobe as long as it makes them happy, however, it cannot simply be one size fits all, this cannot take precedence over everything else. The feelings of others has to be taken into consideration. Perhaps the Frist Minster could take time out of her day and have a look at the abuse woman, men and others have to suffer on a daily basis before passing judgement and condemning those in the ‘yes’ community, because if she does not address all sides, then those backs she has not had, maybe speak up loudly and clearly at the ballot box.

The Scottish National Party have gone from the party of the people to the party of a tiny minority who are using it to get their agenda across. Where I agree people may be born into the wrong body, I do feel their views cannot take precedence over the views of others. If the First Minister would like to speak of bullying, perhaps she should take a look at the ‘woke’ community.