ICE, ICE Baby!

An act of defiance saw publicans stage a protest outside the city chambers in Glasgow, in Aberdeen and outside the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh. Small crowds gathered in George Square to witness publicans dump large piles of ice onto the already rain-soaked street. The act came as new measures came into force recently. The ice for some symbolised the melting away of their business. Of course, there were those out in force to defend the First Minister’s decision.

Lady Arbroathbot1320 tweeted:

“Apparently their profits come before the health of the nation or even their own customers.”

No, it is not profiting that comes before the HEALTH of the nation, it is their business that they are trying to save. And as for their customers, are they forced to partake alcohol? They are not even forced to step inside, that is the choice they make.

And this from Gerry Flynn:

“Dumping something that costs very little is clearly organised media stunt. Would have been more impressed if it were beer that may go off in the interim 16 days, oh I forgot takeaway orders from pubs are still ok!”

Whether it was organised by the media, which I highly doubt, perhaps they were given the heads up that the protest was about to take place, but I highly doubt the very compliant media would organise something this demonstrative. And yes, perhaps using beer would have been affective, but it would not have been as symbolic and would not have made a particularly good picture for headline news.

Ms W:

 “Please provide a list of bars so we will know what ones to avoid when they open again.”

Ms W, like many others are sure to boycott these public houses because that is what subservient people do. I have a feeling Ms W won’t be too unhappy to see these businesses go under, she may perhaps be a bit annoyed when this is over to find hardly any have survived.

There is a clear divide beginning to emerge, those, like myself who are beginning to question the narrative and those who are fully submissive to a government who may not be being entirely honest. Especially when questioning the narrative results in sarcastic tweets from the First Minister who is under pressure with the Salmond enquiry and who is hiding behind the pandemic as in a recent FMQ’s she tried unsuccessfully to bring Ruth Davidson back to the questions she wanted to answer. But her involvement in the whole Salmond affair is for another time.

Sturgeon’s circuit breaker as she calls it will do extraordinarily little to flatten the curve, what is a two-week shutdown really going to achieve and why no flu figures as has been asked. Covid is more than the flu we are told, however, In January February and March 2018 a total of 17,701 deaths were recorded in Scotland – an increase of 13%  The latest statistics from national records of Scotland revealed a 36% increase year on year in respiratory death to 2855 of which 331 more deaths from influenza that compared to 72 in the first three months of 2017 a spike of 360% year on year

A spokesman for any chance national services Scotland said mortality rates often fluctuate significantly from year to year and the rise of this is not solely related to influenza there was however an increase in flu like illness and clearly this can aggravate all the underlying conditions

 Such as dementia which rose by 15% while fatal strokes were up 11%, and similar cases for coronary heart disease and cancer deaths up 5.4 and one point 3% respectively

It is the 4th year in a row that Scotland has seen its winter deaths increase having steadily falling from 2008 to a low of 13,959 in 2014.

Anne Slater the acting General for Scotland said: “There has been a relatively large increase in the number of deaths from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease with such death now accounting for more than 10% of all deaths compared to 5% a decade ago”

The then Home Secretary Shona Robinson said: “Mortality rates can fluctuate from year to year sometimes significantly last winter saw the highest rates of flu like illness since 2010 while in many cases of the winter mortality influence it will not be the main cause of death it can aggravate underlying long term issues.”

As of today, 2,609 people have died having tested positive for Covid 19, and 4,301 deaths have been registered where Covid 19 was mentioned in the death certificate. Of those who have sadly lost their lives how many had underlying health issues? I have been asking for this year’s flu statistics to compare and contrast, as I am sure you will realise flu is killing more people than covid if statistics from the past are anything to go by. The case for the strict lockdown for a pandemic that looks less threatening than the flu would suggest there is something more sinister at play. What is the real agenda? Why the strict draconian measures? I am not one for conspiracies but given the numbers are not adding up and there are more people recovering than dying I may just make myself a tinfoil hat. The people of Scotland are living in fear, and they should be, however, I am not sure it is a pandemic that they should be fearful of. It is the government they have put their trust in.