Just go Sturgeon…for god sake!

I have never seen a party fall apart so quickly. At least when Scottish Labour sold Scotland down the river, they were discreet about it. Sturgeon and her pose of self-serving careerists have spent the past five years telling the people of Scotland to stick with them. Independence is just around the corner. Only trouble is, it never was. Even now with the open goal that is Westminster, Sturgeon seems reluctant to put the ball in the back of the net. Too busy with her pet project of ‘transgender’ issues and while her colleague Joanna Cherry was being browbeaten, Sturgeon took to twitter to give her support to her transgender chums.

Now let us get one thing clear, I have nothing against transgender, I do not give a flying fig what anyone wants to identify as, they can identify as a damn chair if that is their wish, what I take issue with is the fact that this seems to be the only issue on the First Minister’s mind. Well, when she’s not taking to lecturing the public on how to behave and adhere to her endless somewhat ‘unlawful’ coronavirus laws or are they guidelines I am not quite sure. What I am sure about, people caught breaking them do not seem to be getting charged under them; they seem to be getting charged under existing laws which begs the question, what exactly has gone through the Scottish Parliament and been voted on?
For almost a year Sturgeon has hidden behind the Covid crisis and before the ‘righteous’ start shouting that It is all so unfair, that there is a pandemic. I am aware there is a ‘scary flu’ out there. I just have a hard time believing it has eradicated the actual flu. This pandemic, that the First Minister is so keen to hide behind has a 99% survival rate of mild cares. Does that make it deadly to the most vulnerable, yes of course it does, just as any serious illness; does it warrant locking down an entire population? I shall leave you do decide, however, the mere fact that you have bought into it would seem you agree with the government who are hellbent in removing all your rights and keeping you locked up under house arrest because when all is said and done that is exactly what lockdown means – and it is only going to get worse.
We are no closer to gaining independence with Sturgeon in charge than we were back in 2013 before the first campaign. Sturgeon did not take the yes movement from 25% to 45% Alex Salmond did. If anything, Sturgeon has done everything in her power to hinder the yes movement, and indeed independence itself. The entire time that she has been First Minister, Sturgeon has put everything else in front of the one thing she was put in power to do. Use the mandate of 2016, the one with the clear message that if there is a material change, such as Scotland being taken out of the European Union against the will of the Scottish people then the people should have the right to be asked the question on independence again. Of course, I paraphrase here. Instead of pursuing independence, which Sturgeon was mandated to do; she spent the entire time travelling around with one aim in mind. To stop Brexit. Sturgeon did not have that right, not when the people of England and Wales voted to leave.
That should have had alarm bells ringing in the ears of those in the ‘yes’ movement, indeed it did for some, others were of the ‘give her one more chance’ well that one more chance has come at a cost. We are now out of the European Union and facing an uncertain future as the Tories at Westminster get ready to sell Scotland down the river once again.
No more chances, Sturgeon is not interested in independence, the plan that she has come up with is unworkable, anyone can see that it will not work. All Johnson or whoever is in power at Westminster has to say is no; or ‘now is not the time’ as was heard countless times said by Theresa May.
Well now is the time; go Nicola and take those rotten apples with you. Find another party for your pet projects. The Scottish National Party are the party for independence, or they used to be. Before you handed it over to all those wokety-woke people.