You only need venture onto social media to find the hangout of the ‘Sturgeonites’. People loyal to the first minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon. For months now, people who would otherwise be sane go into attack mode if anyone says one wrong word against her. To them Sturgeon can do no wrong and is indeed a Saint. These are the very same people who have thanked her for taking away the freedoms they once enjoyed, the very same people who are willing to roll up their sleeve and take the vaccine like the good idiots they are. I would say sheep, but I like the woolly creatures; least they are useful and can keep you warm.

Sturgeonites are a special kind of creature, they seem to creep about, often on Twitter but have been known to frequent other platforms such as Facebook. Their soul purpose to callout disbelievers and point out the error of their ways. These disbelievers are deemed to be unionists; or unionists disguised as ‘yes’ supporters or my personal favourite, ‘a tory’. Yes, that is the level of intelligence these people have. They are so dumbed down it’s a wonder their knees aren’t sore with the amount of time they have spent on them worshiping their hero.

I must admit I was almost a Sturgeonite myself. Having met her once on the steps of Buchanan Street a few years ago when we all gathered there to declare our undying love and to let her know that we are all standing with her. I remember pushing myself to the front, of the Buchanan Street steps. Amongst her adorning fans and not so keen press I managed to yell her name and over the din and click, click, click of cameras she heard. Looking directly at me, eyes questioning. I informed her that the, then Labour run Glasgow City Council were about to close the steps outside the concert hall. Steps I knew were frequently used for protests, for picnics and for people to sit and bask in the sun. To my surprise she grabbed my hand squeezed it and wa-la a few weeks later they were saved. Did Nicola have anything to do with it? I don’t know, however, back then she came across as warm and welcoming which begs the question of ‘WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED’? I would say, Leslie Evans and what seems to be a plan. I won’t get into Evans at the moment, that’s a whole other story, today is about Sturgeon who has gone from HERO TO ZERO. Although she is still a hero to many it would seem if these comments on the vaccine are anything to go by. I have purposefully left out the names as I don’t wish to embarrass anyone when in years to come, they look back and realise just how far down the worship path they went.

In answer to a tweet on how well the vaccine was being rolled out in Scotland Sturgeonites queued up to tell her how tremendous it all was, for example:

“Well done” complete with thumbs up emoji

“They are indeed my wee … got … vaccine yesterday – team were amazing whole process was so well organized. And I breathed an enormous sigh of relief that … had their first vaccine.”

“Call all the schools and early years staff to be vaccinated ASAP so schools and nurseries can open fully please.” What a selfish moron, wanting their fellow humans vaccinated so they can send wee Johnny or wee Jeanie back to school. It is genuinely concerning that some people are behaving like fascists. Content to have their fellow Scots vaccinated to fulfil their needs. No thought of the side effects as long as it benefits them. Utter selfishness on their part.

“Remember it’s not a competition now.” No it’s not, but it might as well be for the urgency in which governments are pushing this thing onto the public with no care for side effects.

“You can rely on the British Army” for what exactly, to make sure the whole population is vaccinated? Against what exactly?

At last, a serious question, perhaps not a Sturgeonite because a little critical thinking has been applied and not just blind loyalty. “So if the vulnerable have all been vacated (perhaps not the word he was going for or a Freudian slip) will lockdown end????”

“Get on with the day job instead of banging on about independence” (not a Sturgeonite but another clueless moron)

“Thanks Nicola just doing my bit.” Oh, dear god!

Go Scotland, Go Nicola, go indyref2” Go Scotland, Go Nicola, Go indyr”e… Yeah, right.

“And so say all of us, well done NHS.”

Yes, well done NHS, I really would love to know how you coped with the overflow of scary flu patients? This stinks to high heaven. The bewitching of a public into surrendering their freedoms on the say so of a woman intent on pushing onto a population a vaccine that no data on long term side effects exists because it has not been out long enough to warrant any study. A people so manipulated as to offer their body for medical research for that’s what it is. And for what? To gain back the freedoms they unwittingly gave away.

If the Sturgeonites do not waken up soon, then all will be lost. Sturgeon does not seem to be the same person I met on the steps of Buchanan Street all those years ago. If her behaviour towards Alex Salmond recently during one of her many broadcasts to the nation, Sturgeon has changed into a formidable leader who has lost the respect from some who had admired her most.