Since 2014 and before. I have been an advocate for Scottish Independence believing it something I would see in my lifetime, however, the past few months have taught me that life is too short to spend it arguing among ourselves on social media. The toxic environment that has ensued because of infighting by both sides of the yes movement has brought me to the conclusion that for some independence is just a nice wee day out, for others a way to adore politicians whom they believe will get them the one thing they crave when this is far from the truth.

The Scottish National Party are not going to get you independence, independence is taken, not given. I have never heard of any country where a referendum was held to gain independence (I could be wrong) but I don’t believe I am. Therefore, this adoration of Nicola Sturgeon as if she is some sort of Queen to be bowed down to is, quite frankly, nauseating. The gloating that has come from those wanting Scotland to be an independent country on the side of the SNP is quite sad. The accusation that anyone who disagrees with their precious SNP are masquerading as unionists is insulting but hey, look what type of people they follow. For example, the odious Alyn Smith who posted a meme of Craig Murray or Pete Wishart who merely blocks people who do not agree with him. Of course, there are some who are obnoxious and downright insulting who should be blocked. But these are public figures, should they be taking abuse, no, of course not but I would expect them to listen to the those who helped get them elected, unless they are sitting in Holyrood by way of a list vote, then they have been elected by no one.

The behaviour of some in the Scottish National Party has been questionable to say the least, it would seem life in public service has gone to their head. They really do think the public should bow down to their every whim and accept every piece of legislation no matter how it affects them. And for those who dare to raise their voice, or go against the narrative, well they are just classed as conspiracy theorists. Like the First Minister, who seems to have conclude all she need do is accuse everyone of spreading conspiracy theories when difficult questions are asked. The problem with this narrative, is that sometimes these theories become fact.

I am finished with the SNP and I am finished with some in the ‘yes’ movement until they come to their senses and see the Scottish National Party for what they are. And if I am wrong and Sturgeon does give a referendum which I highly doubt I will return to help but for now, life is far too short to spend it on social media fighting idiots who idolise a party and a woman whom in my opinion has no intentions of helping Scotland to become an independent country.


  1. Please don’t give up. There are many who feel the same way as you do. We have to stay with it and fight on for independence. I’ve been voting SNP for almost 50 years. They are getting my constituency vote in May and another Indy party will get my second vote. Not the Greens. Have a look at Now Scotland, or there are many Yes groups around the country. That’s what I’ve done, I’ve given up on the SNP, but never on self determination. Besides, I’ve only just discovered your blog. 🙂


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