Shake Things Up!

Alba launched their manifesto; well, they would have had the stream not decided to take a hairy fit and stop working. In a pre-taped piece to camera the leader of Alba Alex Salmond, looking relaxed and raring to go smiled as he held up a copy of the party manifesto.

“Good morning ladies and gentlemen and welcome…to Ellon Aberdeenshire for the virtual launch of the Alba manifesto, shake things up, a highly appropriate title for the new kid on the block, the plucky underdog of Scottish politics. We’ve been shaking things up in this election campaign and with the support of the people who intend to shake things up in the Scots parliament to bring urgency into the timetable for delivering independence for Scotland, maximising the list vote to build a pro-independence supermajority Holyrood and to use our place as part of that supermajority to make absolutely sure there’s no more backsliding on timetables so with their support of the people and three weeks’ time Alba representatives intend to lay before that parliament  a motion to instruct the Scottish Government to immediately commence independence negotiations with Whitehall that is the sense of urgency we intend to inject into the independence debate. I will do that every day within parliament pressuring pro-independence Scottish Government to get a move on and holding it to account if it doesn’t…”

Alba in my opinion is the political wing of the yes movement and have become a real threat to the Scottish National Party, hence their vile vilifying off all things Alba. Who are Alba? They are for those who may not know an independence supporting social democratic political party; standing for economic prosperity, social equality and environmental responsibility; they believe there should be “much more urgency in the pursuit of independence and intend to table a motion in three weeks’ time instructing the Scottish Government to immediately begin independence negotiations with Westminster” well good luck with that, electing a supermajority would be great if the SNP weren’t such a ‘unionist’ party, more ‘New Labour’ than New Labour. That said, I believe Alba party are the way in which the yes movement can progress. Speaking to Kenny Macaskill on the ‘Jacobite’s’ recently on whether Alba were here to stay he said this: “It’s not our party, [Salmond, Macaskill, Hanvey etc.] it’s all those who join, it’s their party…the party will be what the membership makes it” that to me sounds like a party who have big plans and judging by their manifesto, released today, it looks highly likely that they will stick around. With policies such as: Preparation for a Scottish Central Bank, a new Scottish currency, establish an independence commission, Scotland to join the European Area with the rest of the UK are policies you would be forgiven in thinking came straight out of an SNP manifesto, and they may have – once.

A supermajority will send a strong message to Westminster that the people of Scotland want independence and by the look of this Alba will instruct the Scottish Government to start negotiations with the UK government for Scotland to become an independent nation, nowhere in that manifesto does it suggest going cap in had to London with a feeble request for a referendum to which of course the partner in this Treaty of Union can simply say no to that request. I have never understood Sturgeon’s this way or the highway approach to independence. No other country to the best of my knowledge has politely asked Westminster if they can have a referendum to leave. Therefore, why is Scotland the only country who are expected to do this? The SNP are supposedly the party of independence, yet their manifesto shows a lack of commitment. Yes, they mention it, like they do every time they seek public votes, but they are more interested in minority groups, who need a voice, of course they do but that voice cannot possibly be at the expense of every other voice. With SNP and the Greens what you will receive is more policies such as the Hate Crime Bill and the trashing of woman’s rights in favour of others.

Of those I speak to, i.e., parents, there is a real concern around their children’s education, in particular those children who are about to move onto higher education whose last years at school have suffered greatly under this SNP government. Parents have been showing concern for their children even before the pandemic. Yes, they promote all the great things that they have done, such as the baby boxes, and keeping free school meals. But there is a lack of interest in what the public have to say. Especially on social media where, upon speaking your mind can result in being blocked by a public servant only too keen to take taxpayers money, but not so keen on listening to concerns they have. It is time for politicians to remember they are not MR and Mrs Big, or whatever pronouns they identify themselves as. It is time for those we put into power to remember why they are there. To serve the public, not to dictate to them. Which is what Ms Sturgeon and her cohorts have become very fond of doing. If they do not start listening, then come May, they may just find that the public have not listened either.

Alba are a real threat to both the Scottish National Party and the Scottish Greens, they have the ear of the public, if only they are able to get their message across. That said, it is beginning to get out onto the streets, people are beginning to ask who they are and what they stand for. They stand for Scotland, for freedom and the right to chose and more importantly, they are not going away.