Today’s the Day,!

Thursday May the 6th will be a day which will live in the memory of most if not all supporters of independence for it will be the day in which we realise just how much the people of Scotland want independence. The foundations upon which the independence movement was build have changed, kicked out from under an unsuspecting yes movement and carried out by the very person we trusted. As previously stated, Nicola Sturgeon was handed a thriving party alongside an even bigger movement, 2014/15 saw a sharp rise in Scottish National Party membership, people parting with their hard-earned cash (myself included) to help build what we thought was the road to independence, however the last five years have shown a lack of commitment to independence and dislike for dissent no matter whether it come from within the party or a public critical of party policies. This is an extremely dangerous road to go down for it shows the party for the dictatorial party it has become. A party unwilling to consider both sides of an argument or engage with the public on policies that are causing concern. It also shows a lack of tolerance and with MPS like Wishart blocking those he does not agree with on social media tells you all you need to know about a man who has made a career for himself in Westminster; seems Wishart went to Westminster to settle down, not up but hey, who can blame him – that salary and the perks of the job are nothing to be sneezed at. Others are Angus Robertson and John Nicholson both of whom I found out recently had blocked me and I have yet to find out why. Wishart’s block was for tweeting that he was coming across as a sad little man in response to one of his many ludicrous tweets, but I have no idea what I tweeted to offend Robertson or Nicholson, that said, my tweets are usually quite radical and call out odious politicians whose egos are bigger than they are.

Talking about egos, Ms Sturgeon took the last stages of the campaign very seriously indeed, standing in front of two huge buses on which depicted even bigger pictures of the leader of the Nicola Sturgeon Party. Both votes SNP? Of course, she wants you to vote for her twice, on the constituency and on the list and if you want independence kicked into the long grass or even burst and put away for good you must do just that for neither Nicola Sturgeon nor the Nicola Sturgeon Party want independence or if they do, they sure have a great way of hiding it. Sturgeon has already made it clear that this election is not about independence, of course not; independence would be a disaster for international thinking Sturgeon who for the last five years has fought hard to push it onto the backburner. When Theresa May said “Now is not the time” about a referendum, Sturgeon must have been rubbing her hands with glee. 2015 was the perfect time to start negotiations, coming off the 2014 referendum when in the General Election 56 MPs were sent to Westminster, that was the time to start negotiating for Scotland’s future. Instead, what we saw was a young vibrant Mhairi Black change from working class hero to a champagne socialist who turned her back and became just another dictator of SNP policy who takes to social media to air her views and call out people concerned for their future as if they have no right to be concerned. An opportunity wasted but you cannot put all the blame on those young shoulders. Just look at the mentors she has had in Westminster. Ian Blackford whose only rise to fame was being kicked out of parliament after finding his backbone and of course the rest of the SNP MP’s (for they were still masquerading as Scottish National Party MPs back then) with him. That was the time in which they should have come home but no, the troth is far too inviting. Watching Blackford in the beginning fighting for Scotland’s cause was invigorating but it became stale and overused. “Scotland won’t be dragged out of the EU against it’s will.” And “Scotland deserves better” were the frequent cries of Blackford, well Scotland was dragged out and we do deserve better. Better than what we have been used to with Nicola Sturgeon and her party of wokey wokes with policies that alienate half the population and are detrimental to women. I dread to think what further damage to our rights, and in particular women’s rights if this woman and her cabal gain overall majority in the next parliament. How much damage will be done over the next five years? More Bills like Hunza’s Hate Crime Bill, more invasion of women only spaces by men identifying as women? I am not against transgender; I do believe you can be born into the wrong body, but you cannot just have a policy where someone with ill intent towards woman or children for that matter can self-identify to gain access. Something the Nicola Sturgeon Party do not seem to have grasped.

The Scottish National Party do not exist anymore which is a great pity for they did some outstanding stuff but under the leadership of Sturgeon almost everything has been undone. They stepped into the shoes of New Labour and they seem to fit very comfortably, is it any wonder the front page of the Daily Rancid had a picture morphed by Sturgeon and Sarwar’s face. Two cheeks of the same arse, now in plain sight and yet those faithful Sturgeonites will trot to the polling station to cast their vote and in doing so put the final nail in the coffin of independence. Therefore, if a free Scotland is really what you are after then another way is possible but for that to work SNP supporters and in particular Sturgeonites have to remove their heads from their rear end and vote for Alba on the list for a majority of independence supporting MSPs vote Alba on the list, then at least you will have some independence supporting MSPs and if Sturgeon and her cabal dare to toss Independence out, then Alba will be there to clean up.