Is this the calibre of Stewart McDonald MP!

Vote this nasty he/him out at the next general election!

There is gloating and then there is Stewart McDonald, this is the calibre of SNP, nasty to the core. This is Scotland’s representative for Glasgow South. SNP spokesperson for Defence and Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee. Is it any wonder McDonald feels able to tweet such a picture of someone who was once a colleague?

McDonald tweeted:

“Yes I am guilty of gloating that a man whose TV show is broadcast on RT got zero seats in the election. Guilty as charged and unapologetic, because my solidarity goes beyond borders of Scotland.”

McDoanld, like others in the Scottish National Party are so far gone that they believe they are untouchable. Their belief that they can say anything at all and get away with it knows no bounds. To think this he/him thought this was perfectly okay to tweet shows just how arrogant some in the SNP have become. Is it any wonder when you see quotes from their leader?

Sturgeon said this of Alex Salmond: Alex Salmond’s ‘ego’ stopping him from doing the right thing and leaving the public stage” as reported in the Scotsman.

Why are Sturgeon and co so hellbent on making sure Alex Salmond does not return to politics? Could it be that they know with Alex back on the world stage of frontline politics their pretence of a referendum will be exposed. The gloating of McDonald and others shows the SNP for what they are; careerists who have taken those who trusted them most along for a never ending ride. They have shown themselves up for the nasty party they have become and for those who still hang on their every word, they are about to fall from a very great height as the scales fall from their eyes and they see for the first time what many of us have witnessed. The Scottish National Party are nothing more than agents of the state masquerading as the party for independence. Let us hope by the next general election, this nasty little he/him will be gone and with him, the rest.