These are our neighbours, let them go!

It was a day designed to send a message to the people of Scotland. A day in which we were destined to find out who our real masters are. Like a thief in the night, they crept onto a sleepy street in Pollockshields but the racist thugs masquerading as politicians in Westminster got more than they bargained for. What started out as a dawn raid ended in a standoff between Police Scotland, and the people.

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Kenmure Street became the focus of a massive demonstration of resistance against the might of the British State, a Home Secretary who thinks nothing of deporting people who came to Britain as children, or who came at the invitation of the government after World War Two, of course back then they were needed to help build a battered and bruised England. Thrown out like an old rag when no longer useful. Patel thought she could send her racist vans into the heart of a city where our Muslim brothers and sisters were getting ready to celebrate one of the holiest days in their calendar; such was the confidence of this woman that she thought the people of Glasgow would roll over and let two of our own be carted off to god alone knows where. The standoff escalated quickly with Police Scotland officers stood protectively around the van being beamed to millions watching around the globe. “These are our neighbours, let them go.” The chant of the day, for we are all Jock Tamson’s Bairns.

Scotland is an outward looking outward thinking country, therefore, when they came for one of our own, or two in this case there was no way they would be taken without a fight and that is exactly what happened on a street in Glasgow yesterday. While the First Minister and Justice Secretary were being given the run around by Patel and her goons, the people were gathering, coming from all over to lend a hand. A real sense of community spirit enthused. With food and water being brought, it would seem the people were preparing to be there for the long hall.

Credit to whoever took this picture

Nowhere in the events of yesterdays does it say this was resolved by the intervention of Nicola Sturgeon, quite the opposite, the First Minister of Scotland could not get anyone to answer her calls. This from a very solemn and humiliated Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf:

“I have spent hours trying to get the Home Office to abandon the operation, first they passed me off to a civil servant; none of the eight ministers would take my call and we objected to that. They eventually gave us the most junior minister…and to say he was unhelpful, again would be an understatement. He originally told us that they would continue to enforce immigration law as saw fit. Now I’m pleased and delighted that Police Scotland who of course have operational independence. Police Scotland have taken the decision in the interest of public safety in the interest of public health to release these to individuals, but immigration is of course reserved to the Home Office…I will be urging the Home Secretary of these scenes, but more importantly tell them that their hostile environment is just not welcome in Scotland.”

Good luck to Mr Yousaf in his pursuit of the Home Secretary, I am sure she will send another civil servant to take his call.

The scenes that flashed across social media yesterday were heartening to say the least, but they should worry every single individual in Scotland, for what was lain bare for all to see was just how useless our government were in a crisis. What we witnessed was a Justice Secretary and First Minister so out of their depth when it comes to dealing with the British State. Had it not been for Police Scotland stepping in, there is no telling what story would have adorned the front pages of the unionist press. In an address to the people Human rights Lawyer  Aamer Anwar said this:

“…every single politician, including Nicola Sturgeon and the Cabinet Secretary for Justice have tried to pick up the phone to the Home Secretary, to the Home Office, for some reason Priti Patel and her racist government are not answering the phone…”

The Home Office sent a clear message to Sturgeon and her government. While they were basking in the glory of winning the election it became clear that the parliament in which they sit has no real power. Yousaf had to make do with a junior minister, however, what was apparent was the rank and file of the civil servant who took his call. That spoke volumes, for it tells us that Westminster rank Yousaf as a mere civil servant. The Home Office see Scotland is their country as was reported by Grouse Beater. There you have it, yesterday was just the start, expect more of Scotland to be taken. The British State will not go down without a fight but if the scenes of yesterday are anything to go by, neither will the people of Scotland, if only they put this much effort into the fight for independence.

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