We will not be bullied, we will not be silenced, we will not be cowed!

It has been a fortnight since the election, a fortnight since the SNP came for your vote and a fortnight since the #BothVotesSNP’ worked a treat – for the unionists. A steady stream of unionist supporting parties took their list seats gifted to them through the sheer stupidity and pig headedness of SNP supporters. The, I voted both votes SNP tweets make me sick to my stomach. Surely the people of Scotland are not that thick. Sadly, it seems they are. In the run up to the election out it came, the SNP’s method of persuasion, indyref2. Like a carrot dangled on a string. Only a vote of the SNP was not a vote for independence, it was an endorsement of Humza’s hate crime bill and it was the go-ahead for more women’s rights to be eroded.

As the results filtered through, I noticed how silent the #BothVotesSNP mob had become, their loud voices silent as realisation crept in. They had given away the last chance of gaining independence. They had believed Sturgeon and her wokey-woke cohorts. They had believed Alex Salmond was the enemy when he was the vessel upon which to sail. It is easy to sit here and be angry with supporters of the SNP, however, it is better to understand where they are coming from. Their beliefs are deep rooted, for so long the Scottish National Party were the only means to independence, for they were the party that stood on a ticket to free Scotland. Sadly, most of us who joined after the referendum of 2014 have since seen just how toxic the SNP have become. Pushing policies that will have a detrimental effect on the public. Nothing has changed, the SNP will still be held to ransom by Harvie, therefore, we can expect more policies that merely benefit the few.

It is maddening to think where we could have been this morning, what achievements could have been made regarding independence. If only people had not believed what was told to them by SNP hierarchy, if only people had read between the lines. We had our biggest chance of a super majority with Alba, now all we have are empty promises from a party who have taken the people for granted, a party who are full of their own importance, a party who have lost their moral compass. All we can do as a movement, is come together, there are those in the SNP who have come to realise just how far from independence they are and who are not quite ready to embrace Alba. That’s okay, as long as you embrace the yes movement. We are all still here ready to welcome you home, remember those last days of the campaign, when we were energised, we were ready, we were unstoppable. Time to pick up the reigns, time to drive this movement forward, time to show the SNP; the Greens; the Tories; Labour and Lib Dems, we are the people and we will not be bullied, we will not be silenced, but most importantly, we are not going anywhere, we are going to be a thorn in the side of all who have their nose in the troth, all who have settled in, not up. We will not be cowed.

Time to rise and take our message to the streets, time for action,  


  1. Why spoil your statement by criticising Mr Harvie? Especially as it is both more necesasary for the Greens to have an Independent Scotland and that simple fact that Mr Harvie is now necessary if your desires are to be achieved.


  2. Good interesting article, if things go on as they are, and WM are already hard at work to keep Scotland you can say goodbye to independence. Just a wee correction, ‘troth’ is a promise, ‘trough’ is where all the snouts are! lol

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