“Are we there yet?”

When I was young, which was many, many moons ago, I would climb into the back of my father’s Hillman Minx, with my brother and sister either side of me, yes, I was the youngest therefore, I was pushed to the middle, but I did get a good view of the road ahead. With dad in the driving seat and mum in the passenger we would set off, excited for the day ahead. Dad would have consulted a huge road map, which he had lain on the dining room table and had in his mind which roads he would take to get to our destination, only, we never took that route, the road always had winds and turns but we did get there in the end. That is how I saw the road to independence; we were taking a little detour but would eventually get there.

The past seven years have had their ups and downs, well mostly downs but I was still hopeful for the most part that we were indeed on our way to a free Scotland. Like many who joined the SNP after the referendum of 2014 I had hoped to see us move forward and a date set. That of course did not happen, what happened was the hijacking of the independence movement by an unscrupulous party masquerading as supporters of independence and the constant answer of ‘nearly’ when asked, are we there yet.

We are now one week into the new term and already the question of independence has been put onto the backburner, the carrots have been boiled and put in the GRA and Hate Crime stew and of course the ‘bothvotessnp’ crowd are realising they have once again been had by this government backed up by their chums in the Green Party.

Like excited children we ask ‘are we there yet’ knowing at some point we will pull into the car park and smile and dance as the car is unloaded and we get to enjoy the day. There is no such joy for supporters as we witness our dream of living in an independent country ripped apart before our very eyes and the question of ‘are we there yet’ go unanswered for the foreseeable future.

Time to get your pots and pans out, time to bang the drum and let Sturgeon and her cronies know that we will not be silenced. The time for independence is now, time to take the fight to the SNP, time to let them know that the twelfth of never is not a suitable date for a referendum. It is time for Sturgeon and her cronies to get with the program or get out of the way. The people of Scotland will not be dragged out of the European Union. That happened under the watch of the SNP, and yes, we do deserve better, better than the absolute rubbish being served up to a population who are about to realise the tsunami that is coming our way. Thatcherism will be nothing compared to what is coming. Sturgeonism is Thatcherism on steroids.  


  1. Words are a powerful tool and should not be taken lightly. Sturgeonism is Thatcherism on steroids? Really? Maybe if you used a more positive approach, you would make more progress. How about stirring up all indy supporters to work together to get more people aware of the true situation and to encourage more naws to ayes. This bitter, back-stabbing does nothing for the indy movement!

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