The King and Queen of England

The subtle encroachment of the Monarchy’s takeover of Scotland began a few years back when the then in favour, Prince Harry was given the title the Earl of Dumbarton and recently Prince Edward became the latest Duke of Edinburgh upon the death of his father. And I am quite sure Prince William has a few Scottish Titles also. Republican Scots could just about stomach this, however, it is the steady increase of all things Royal that has me slightly nauseated. Scots, as far as I am aware, are indifferent to the Royals, on many an occasion some poor sap of a journalist was sent on a tour to find somewhere in Scotland where a street party was taking place for one of the Queen’s many jubilee; in fact, before their wedding Harry and Meghan had to make do with a group of tourists as no Scot could be found within a mile radius of where the Royal Party were appearing.

 I believed my coverage of William and Kate’s trip to Scotland was finished last week, however, when their tour crosses over into politics that, I also have a slight problem with, as explained by Alex Salmond.

“…What on earth Prince William thought he was doing having a confab with Gordon Brown, just as Gordon set up his latest campaign for the union. Now don’t get me wrong, the former Prime Minister is entitled to publish as many vows, and he’s also perfectly entitled to meet Prince William as there’s any other citizens who’s invited to do so. But we’d be very foolish indeed not to read the tea leaves in this sort of thing.”

Perhaps we should give Prince William and Brown a pass here, I mean they could be discussing the price of curtains. It is worrying though that a few days after Brown’s latest campaign to save the union he should be invited to have a wee chat with ‘future’ King Will but what they discussed is anyone’s guess.

Alex continued: “In the run up to 2014, we were extremely keen as people would, we think, proper and respectful to keep the monarchy, the Head of State out of politics.”

It could be argued that the Queen did for the most part keep quiet, until asked to intervene by the then Prime Minister Cameron upon which she made the statement about ‘thinking very carefully’ in regards to independence. The fact that the Monarchy seem to be making their presence felt in Scotland tells us how worried they have become of the people rejecting, not only the union, but the Monarchy also. This could go one of two ways, by imposing their will on a population who have been indifferent to them in the past could lead to an outright dislike. Having two of the most privileged people prancing around the towns and streets of Scotland when many are struggling to survive could be interpreted as downright arrogant, or the indifference to them will continue. Scots both old and new have far too much going to worry about, than two people who are destined to become the King and Queen of England.

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  1. Yes! Well said!

    I find it so darn arrogant of England to push their royals on us & insist we love them too – or else! Naw… we’ll pass on that, thanks all the same.

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